The deer “catcher”

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The deer “catcher”

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RadioShack has a new campaign I spotted in the latest wired called “Do Stuff” – it might be their new branding (not bad!) – the project is a deer catcher, it “uses a camera and television monitor to look through your camera’s lens from afar, snapping pictures by remote control to avoid scaring the wildlife” – Link.

4 thoughts on “The deer “catcher”

  1. knotlinks says:

    Cool campaign by RS, and yet, every time I go in to one of the local RSs, I can’t find any of the components I need. Want three stereo headphone sockets and connectors? Sorry we only have two sockets and no connectors. Every time. I realize any online store has the same stuff cheaper, but RS seems to always be right around the corner, and I keep hoping they’ll have what i need.

  2. JeffDM says:

    What a Radio Shack stocks can vary a lot by location. The one in the local mall stocks almost none of the stuff, but one three miles away is actually pretty decent.

    One thing you can do is go onto their web site and do a search. Go to the part you want and “check for in-store availability”. That saves me a LOT of time.

    I’ve basically resorted to having to order online through other places, and trying to buy a few other interesting parts here and there to build up my inventory.

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