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The Etsy Steam Team

[The Etsy Steam Team at the Steampunk Con (from left to right, by username: lilibat, PinkPeacock, nullalux, 19Moons, Choklit, OrpheusAlchemy, IndustrialFairytale, FaradayBags, and figments. Photo by Andrew/shoutingboy).]

I finally met members of the Etsy Steam Team at last week’s Steampunk Convention. As you may or may not know, Etsy (think: Amazon meets eBay at a craft’s fair) allows sellers to organize themselves into “teams” based on similar interests or product lines (to network, share promotion, skills, etc.). Obviously, the Steam Team is gathered around their mutual interest in making and selling steampunk and Victorian-inspired art and crafts. At the con, they offered everything from watchwork and church key jewelry to surreal antique assemblage, clockwork bugs, potion bottles and other alchemical chotsky. It was a wonderful and talented group of artists and crafters that I was happy to meet and with whom I hope to stay in touch.



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