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The Metamorphosis Project


Venice, California-based artist Alex Andre delighted the masses with his simple but stunning Metamorphosis Project interactive installation at Maker Faire Bay Area last weekend. The kinetic sculpture has a steel base and hand crank, holding a large disc with alternating panels of clear glass and see-through mirror, and measures 4’x5’x7′. When two (or more) people stand on opposite sides of the disc and spin it, they experience a shifting metamorphosis that blends their two sets of features to awesome effect. Throughout the weekend, Alex was surrounded by sounds of laughter and amazement. The project was definitely a hit and received more than one Editor’s Choice blue ribbon.


Alex gives insight into the inspiration for the project on his site:

My girlfriend and I were camping in Santa Barbara and I had brought with us a small piece of see-through mirror for her make up. I had this material on hand from making infinity light prototypes and thought it would be of good use. One evening, after the sun had set, she was using the mirror and asked me to explain its inner workings. As we were both looking at each other through the mirror I started explaining how it worked with a flashlight in hand … I started shining the light on my face then onto hers, repeatedly back and forth for a few seconds.

It so happened that our faces were aligned and equal distant from the mirror which created an instant morphing effect, that was true magic and the spark for this creation. I later found a way to replicate this effect either when the subjects are exposed in natural or artificial light.

It’s been an honor to share the experience of Metamorphosis with many members of our human family. Art can really help, heal and transform our world into an even better place.

The Metamorphosis Project is hard to capture well in still shots, but a blast to capture in video. Alex is running a contest in search of folks who shot good footage of the piece at the Faire. If you have a video of the project to submit, post it on the Metamorphosis Facebook page. Winners will be announced May 27 and will receive one of Alex’s limited edition Geometeor steel sculptures.

Here are some choice examples from previous events:

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