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I think it’s fairly clear that the maker/craft world is in the midst of a trend. A trend almost as big as bird silhouettes, almost as big as the skull and crossbones, almost as big as the octopus. It’s the mustache, and it seems to be, ahem, growing on everyone. From ‘Nifer’s amazing pieces of nose decor, to the laser cut ‘stache necklaces on etsy, nose neighbors and soup strainers are here to stay. And the Petaluma Whiskerino is celebrating with an old school exhibition. I will be at the event on Saturday, starting at 3pm at the Petaluma Farmers Market. I plan to be sporting my own colorful facial hair, and will have my felting supplies so that anyone who likes can join in the fun.

The Annual Bill Soberanes Memorial Whiskerino Contest has been around for longer than anyone I talked to could reckon. I got the details from Fred Abercrombie, who has been competing for the last 5 years. Last year Fred, his wife Melissa, and some of their neighbors created a campaign and took up the task of promotions. Their efforts included some clever material, including handlebar mustache stickers for the mirror, and a postcard that can transform anyone from clean shaven to hirsute in an instant. They’ve even made chocolate mustache lollipops! As a bonus, this year Fred created a time traveling video, of his face sprouting what I consider to be true art.

Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute from :: Fred Abercrombie on Vimeo.

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