The Series visits the HypoSurface

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Hollywood East is a new movie studio being planned and built in Plymouth MA. As part of their buildup for creating the studio complex, they have a daily webisode called The Series, which details many of the aspects of the project. .

One of the episodes from this week profiles the work of Mark Goulthorpe, MIT Architecture professor, and his fascinating project, the amazing Hyposurface project. Pretty cool wall-ish-thing.

What are you working on? Share your project, in whatever state of completion it’s in. How would you use the Hyposurface? If you could build a studio anywhere, where would it be, and how would you go about developing a community around it? Have you worked on the Hyposurface? Do you have any pictures or video of it in action or development? Add your ideas in the comments and contribute your photos and video to the MAKE Flickr pool.


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