The Not Too-Too Beret Pattern

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Rowan Spray Beret
Wendy of Knit and Tonic has a pattern on her blog to knit up this chunky “Not Too-Too Beret” which is too adorable. It’s making me love how Rowan Spray yarn knits up. Link.

4 thoughts on “The Not Too-Too Beret Pattern

  1. radgrrl says:

    This woman is so depressed. She’s always talking about how she worked 20 years (!) in a Fortune 500 job, AND been a full-time homemaker for 5+years, AND been a hairdresser, you name it—-jeez how old is she?! Those are the good days when she’s not trying to get sympathy from her readers or complaining about her in-laws….ouch.

  2. Melanie says:

    radgrrl – who are you to deem this woman “so depressed”? Perhaps you should check your own mental status before commenting on that of others.

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