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Monica Brown who designed the crochet apron has a bunch of really cool knitting patterns for sale. I love this bag, the knitted and felted Office Bag Then, here’s the kicker…embellish it with brass fasteners that you get at an office supply store! Just $5 for the pattern via her site. Link.

4 thoughts on “The Office Bag Pattern

  1. deety says:

    Cute looking bag, but the available image isn’t big enough for me to really make a decision and I have the same issue with the other patterns on that site. This is especially a problem with some of the images that use darker yarns, you can’t see much detail on the images. I can’t be confident in buying a pattern when the website doesn’t show a large, clear photo, and multiple images from various angles would be even better.
    In addition to the extra photos, I hope the other patterns will eventually be offered through email. Some of them are super-cute even in the small pics, but I can’t find the ones that interest me on the website she says they can be ordered from.

  2. nataliezee says:

    Here’s a comment from Monica Brown (, the designer: (She had some problems trying to comment, so I’m posting this for her).
    Most of my patterns are available from the Hilltop Yarn store, and they are in the process of getting all their patterns on the website. Hopefully in a month or so, they will have 40+ patterns available on their website! You can purchase the patterns from Hilltop by e-mailing them ( or calling the store at 206.282.1332. As far as the photos, I can take some more detailed shots in a better light and e-mail them to you. Just let me know!

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