This building is not actually on fire

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This building is not actually on fire

In the words of Mark Frauenfelder, I think that people people who enjoy getting mad will enjoy getting mad at this art installation by Isabelle Hayeur. Called Fire by Fire, it depicts a building going up in flames. [via curbly]

28 thoughts on “This building is not actually on fire

  1. theophrastus says:

    There is a good reason that shouting “Fire!” in a movie theater isn’t protected speech…

    Clearly the artist should be properly employed by holllllywood, nonetheless. (“get off my lawn, old man. all film fires are CG now”)

  2. Nick Gart says:

    ” I think that people people who enjoy getting mad will enjoy getting mad at this ”
    Perfect preface to troll-bait posts.
    Should save that for the next art installation-brutal murder / assault on street corner.
    I’m sure those pesky people that love to hate will hate on all that arty goodness.

    1. says:

      Be that as it may, a quick review of few other the posts you’ve made here make me believe that you are exactly the sort of person being described.

      1. Nick Gart says:

        someone has too much free time? I only have one other post on here

        1. says:

          Dude, there’s a search box right there. It takes ten seconds to verify that not including this thread you’ve posted twice, both times criticizing the subject matter. (T-shirts, and lockpicks.)

        2. sindicate says:

          Good one there Nick. Your previous posts pretty much sum up that chip on your shoulder. Keep up the good work discouraging learning! Just the kind of person who should be on here. Piss off.

          1. Nick Gart says:


  3. craig says:

    I don’t enjoy getting mad, but I do know a bad idea when I see it. Faking a child stuck down a well and causing all sorts of senseless mayhem for our fire & police especially when REAL emergencies are going on, is the same thing. Besides, I don’t believe getting a fine from the city or fire dept for such a hoax should be a big supprise to the prankster, otherwise complete idiocy of cause/effect is going on in their head.

  4. says:

    This installation was commissioned and funded by the city. (Specifically, the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games)

    Not only that, but this is over a year old and Google can’t find any news articles about it causing any sort of panic.

    I think it’s safe to say that they did whatever was necessary to prevent it from causing a problem with the fire department.

    1. dokein says:

      In that case, I imagine the fire department vehicle seen at the end of the video was probably parked off-camera throughout the exhibition to discourage people from calling it in, and just moved in and turned on its lights at the end for a photo op.

      Aside from that, I didn’t see any sign that a single passer-by noticed or cared (or was convinced of the illusion).

  5. ROB K636 says:

    I saw something like this a year ago at one of the Kansas City First Fridays.

    It was done like a shadow puppet murder mystery that ended with the building being set on fire. Think they used four floors and two projectors.

  6. Jopper says:

    I can’t help but think that if this happened in the UK, someone would forget to tell the authorities and hilarity would ensue

  7. Brick Moon says:

    Somebody should’ve yelled, “Theatre!”

    1. Matt Mets says:


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