TIE Fighter Drone Mod is Coolest Since Millenium Falcon

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TIE Fighter Drone Mod is Coolest Since Millenium Falcon

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Oliver, the maker of the incredible Millenium Falcon quadcopter we shared recently, is back with yet another impressive creation. This time he has tackled the iconic Tie Fighter Interceptor. Much like the Millenium Falcon build, he’s using foam to loosely represent the shape. When flying around, the illusion is quite convincing!

Here are a few select pictures from the build.

First test flights in the garage, not awesome. Car analogy, it’s like attaching a 20 tons trailer to a Formula 1. Made more than dozen of flights, making various adjustments with the flight controller, swapped propellers, 4 different kinds, etc. Most attempts ended badly…

The first “final form” had those nice slanted recognizable shapes, but unfortunately didn’t work out in flight. You can see that it looked fantastic!

As you can see below, the end result may look a bit different but it flies much better.

…the side panels are still too much in the way of the air blown by the 4 propellers, my last option is to move panels fully out of the way : Vertical

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This quad won’t be winning any awards for maneuverability, but it surely makes up for that in style points.

The night time footage really allows for the imagination to take hold. The lights add to the effect so much and the quadcopter body is even harder to see.

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