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Tool explosion


Damián Ortega’s “Controller of the Universe” uses a variety of hand tools suspended as if frozen in mid-explosion. Evoking the human response to – DUCK!

Damián Ortega @ White Cube

Will the Revolution Be Museumized? @ NYTimes

2 thoughts on “Tool explosion

  1. lungofish says:

    Though I enjoy a lot of modern, postmodern and contemporary art, I really don’t like this type of thing – the “pile of stuff” type installation. They generally make me sad. Especially when the stuff in question is things that could still be used for its intended purpose.

    I mean, man, someone could be using those tools. Look at those great old planes! See that huge plane under the big axe on the right? That’s what people were talking about in the “joint boards without a jointer” posting yesterday. Unless it’s really banged up, it probably just needs a couple hours of TLC and it’ll be good to go for another 50 years of hard work.


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