Tool Review: Martha Stewart Crafts and Lion Brand Yarn Knit & Weave Loom Kit

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Tool Review: Martha Stewart Crafts and Lion Brand Yarn Knit & Weave Loom Kit

I’m a yarn crafter, so when the folks at Lion Brand Yarn sent CRAFT the Martha Stewart Crafts™ and Lion Brand Yarn® Knit & Weave Loom Kit, I jumped at opportunity to put it through its paces. With loom pieces included for more than thirty configurations for making square, rectangle, circle, and oval looms in multiple sizes—plus tools for single knitting, double knitting, weaving, making rosettes, and weaving in ends—there are so many options for creative projects that it’s almost overwhelming!
I tested all of the major configurations and techniques, and had a great time learning new skills and trying out yarn crafts that I’d never done before, like weaving and yarn rosette-making. The loom was easy to assemble and easy to configure into different shapes, but the pegs do require a firm hand to press them in and remove them.

When knitting, you can choose the standard single knitting (single layer) option or a warmer and thicker double knitting option for flat projects. The loom also comes with both larger and smaller pegs so you can choose the best stitch size to fit your project.
The cast on, knitting, and binding off instructions were clearly written and easy to follow. It took me longer to get the hang of purling than knitting, but, as long as I made sure that my yarn tension was consistent and not too tight, my stitches looked great and my projects had a nice shape. The notches in each peg made it easy to move the yarn using the knitting tool.
The weaving tool is very flexible, and can be a little bit awkward to maneuver through the pegs. But, once I got the hang of it, weaving was a fast way to make beautiful flat fabric. Plus, once they are finished, multiple woven squares can be sewn together to make larger projects in many shapes.
The rosettes were really fun to make using the loom. It took about 3 minutes total to finish each flower, and they’re a great way add some decoration to your finished projects. They also look great as gift toppers!
Overall, I found the loom kit to be versatile and easy to use, and it produced the beautiful results that were promised on the package. And, at $45.00 US, I think that the loom delivers consistent and attractive projects for a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this kit to friends who are ready to give loom knitting and weaving a try, and who are looking for a tool that can be assembled quickly and can be easily adjusted to fit a wide variety of projects. I’m happy to have it in my yarn crafting arsenal!

11 thoughts on “Tool Review: Martha Stewart Crafts and Lion Brand Yarn Knit & Weave Loom Kit

  1. Helena Silva says:

    How can i ask the loom kit, for Portugal, where can i order? thank you :)

  2. djl says:

    can’t believe anything I see on this site as honest. you have the EXACT same “review” for this product supposedly written by two different people…. word for word and picture for picture the same. yet two “reviewers” writing the articles…. shame.

    1. Haley Pierson-Cox says:

      I tried this loom kit and wrote the review. I checked and didn’t find it anywhere else on the MAKE/CRAFT site, so I’m afraid that that’s a mystery I can’t clear up. (I did write a more in-depth version for Craft Test Dummies, so maybe that’s where you saw it.) If you have additional questions about the product, I’m happy to try to answer them. –Haley on CRAFT

      1. Anabel says:

        It’s true! I thought it wasn’t but there is the exact same review published on this siteunder a different name. That’s not something I would expect from a review site.

        1. Haley Pierson-Cox says:

          Thanks for sharing the link! We had a few wonky glitches like that when we were moving the posts over when CRAFT joined MAKE, so I’m guessing that that’s when it happened. I fixed the author name so it now shows up as me. We don’t do a ton of reviews on CRAFT, but we definitely don’t want to confuse people! Thanks again for letting me know.

  3. Miss Bobbie says:

    Hello. im new to loom knitting and i just bought this kit. would you believe i cant find a tutorial anywhere on how to put together the 30+ configurations? Where would i find that.. im a hands on learner and i need a guide i can look at and choose from. can anyone please show me a guide on making all the configurations… Thank you. Happy New year

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