Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrush dissection

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Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrush dissection

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Steve writes –

The Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrush plays two minute pop song clips to help kids count down an appropriate length of tooth brushing time. Suspecting that this used a transducer to conduct the sound through the bristles and into the jaw (bone conductance) I wanted to both know for sure and see how easily it could be hacked, so I bought one and took it apart. Here are photos of that dissection. The audio IC is potted so I suspect it will be hard to change the sound which is played, but I think the transducer itself could make for a fun little toy. The sound quality is decent when the transducer is held directly against the teeth, the head, or any large, flat surface (eg: workbench).

Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrush dissection – Link.

8 thoughts on “Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrush dissection

  1. Jeanseb23 says:

    I dont know, but i once told that to Bre Pettis, so it was kinda my idea :P

  2. Tooth tunes Musical toothbrush hacking says:

    I hacked my tooth tunes musical tooth brush and put it on youtube mine plays fun fun fun by the beach boys heres the link this one is playing on a speaker and i think i hook it to my hard drive speaker

  3. Monsignor Funkibut says:

    As my daughter was listening to her Tooth Tunes play “All-Star” by SmashMouth, she swore she heard a little of “Kiss the Girl”. I bet ALL the Tooth Tunes songs are in EVERY Tooth Tunes brush only I’m not clever enough to hack them out. But I bet you are ….

  4. Mr3wheeledbike says:

    so it potted aye? Well that no good i want to hack one as a little joke among some friends, you know put a new song on it. Any way is the problem lie with it being potted or the format?

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