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Travelcrafty Stockholm
Travel Crafty Stockholm
By Sabrina Gschwandtner
Stockholm Folckers2
Stockholm offers whatever you are looking for in craft, whether old, new, rustic, or conceptual. Traverse the city for amazing, unique supplies, objects d’art, and knitted graffiti.
(Photo: A basket of trim for sale at Folckers.)

Stockholm Oldtouch
Old Touch
Upplandsgatan 43, Stockholm
Old Touch is an amazing and aptly named antique store filled with wonderful buttons, beautiful lace, choice clothes, and other old-timey remnants, all at very reasonable prices.
Stockholm Folckers1
Hornsgatan 52, Stockholm
A museum-like jewel, Folckers has been unearthing the best ribbon, tassels, and other trimmings from around the world for over 130 years.
Stockholm Textil
Sundbybergs Textilcentrum
Järnvägsgatan 56 in Sundbyberg
The big fabric store where all the fashion students shop is in Sundbyberg, just north of Stockholm.
Stockholm Soders
Soders Tyger
Hornsgatan 53 Stockholm
Get your needles, patterns, thread, and other sewing supplies here. The staff is extremely friendly and overly helpful — going so far as to open up early one morning when I was desperate for polyamide thread.
Stockholm Platina
Odengatan 68, Stockholm
Platina is a store and gallery for handmade jewelry that will make you laugh, gossip, chant, and cry.
Stockholm Konstall1
Stockholm Konsthall2
Gustavsbergs Konsthall
Odelbergs vag 9, Gustavsbergs Hamn
Gustavsbergs, an old porcelain and ceramic factory town, is twenty minutes by bus from Stockholm. Located inside the building where the factory workers used to pray, Gustavsbergs Konsthall is an artist-run gallery specializing in contemporary craft art. Along with exhibitions of work by internationally recognized and avant-garde craft artists, they also offer a “Ceramic & Glass Expo,” selling choice books, ceramics, glass, and videos.
Stockholm Mariasgarn
Marias Garn
Sankt Paulsgatan 20, Stockholm
One of the oldest and most beloved yarn stores in Stockholm, Marias Garn offers yarn and embroidery supplies from around the world.
Stockholm Knittedgraffiti
When you’re in Stockholm, keep your eyes on the streets too! You might spot knitted graffiti by local groups Masquerade and Stickkontakt.
About the Author
Author Sabrina Gschwandtner
Sabrina Gschwandtner is a New York-based artist and writer. As the author of KnitKnit: Profiles and Projects from Knitting’s New Wave (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2007), Sabrina has lectured extensively on the revival of handcraft in popular culture.
Sabrina will lecture at Haystack’s annual conference: “Making: Past, Present, and Future,” July 12-16, 2009 in Maine. Registration information is at:

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