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Tupperware Flash

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I like this idea and I want to make one bigger. (Looking through drawers to find giant tupperware)

The inside of the pink part is sprayed with silver paint. Then I cut a rectangular hole in the bottom, folded back two flaps, and used electrical tape around them to hold a cheapie Hanimex flash in place. The diffuser cuts a couple of stops off the light output, but with faster film I haven’t had a problem.Link

6 thoughts on “Tupperware Flash

  1. TupGal says:

    Oh my… destroying Tupperware is against the law, isn’t it?!


    Actually, we offer a lifetime guarantee. Maybe you can get a free replacement. Oh, nevermind, that was a self-inflicted injury!

  2. TupGal says:

    Check out this Tupperware sale before it’s gone!

  3. sheryllynn says:

    I think I might use this at my next Tupperware party. Tupperware really is good for everything. You might want to check out my website for a great selection on Tupperware bowls. You might need a new one for your leftovers!

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