Tutorial: Recycled T-Shirt Canvas — Modern Art

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Tutorial: Recycled T-Shirt Canvas — Modern Art

I have been a crafter my whole life. Growing up, my grandma would watch my little sister and I before and after school, and once my homework was done, I could go into her craft room and make whatever I wanted. She would always have old cans, toilet paper rolls, scraps of yarn, buttons, and just odds and ends.

trashy-crafter-me-1024x512In high school and college, I focused on academics and left crafts on the back burner. I became a professional photographer shooting weddings, engagement sessions, and food photography, but was sad that I had lost that spark of excitement in my life. I decided this past June that I needed a way to get back into crafts and get the creative juices flowing. So I created a blog called Trashy Crafter, with a mission to redefine “trash,” one craft at a time for an entire year. I am currently on day #52 of my journey, and so far it has been a wonderful trip. I post a project each day — most of the time it’s a step by step-by-step tutorial, while other days it is just a finished project. In the next month I am planning to start releasing one recycled craft video tutorial each week on YouTube, because I am a very visual person and seeing someone do something step by step live is very helpful for me. I hope to inspire people to follow their passions and have a life where work and play are blurred. Even if I inspire one person, I have been successful!

I also have an Etsy shop: Trashy Crafter

Tutorial: Recycled T-shirt Canvas — Modern Art (Day #6)

I am a HUGE fan of Chad Eaton’s artwork and T-shirts, called Timber, which are based on lumberjacks, business men and big foot. He is such an amazing artist, I bought these shirts like two or three years ago, and have worn the heck out of them, they were my favorite shirts I own and would wear them every week. Due to wearing them so much they got lots of holes, and I could not throw them into the trash, they are far to beautiful, so what to do? I could have turned them into pillows, but me and the sewing machine don’t get along well, I still don’t really know how to sew much.

So I decided to place them onto canvases … and OMG I love them! Now I will be able to enjoy my shirts for many more years to come. All you need to do is get an old shirt you love and canvas to fit the design, and then cut it out and use Mod Podge to put it onto the canvas. Be sure to do it patiently so that you don’t get bubbles and wrinkles under the fabric. When it’s dry, then just coat the top with a few layer of Mod Podge as well … and you’re done!




Reblogged with permission from Trashy Crafter.

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