Watch a Master Modeler Build a Hyper-Detailed WWII Airplane

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Watch a Master Modeler Build a Hyper-Detailed WWII Airplane

Anyone who’s done any scale modeling knows that it can be challenging to just put together and paint a reasonably-detailed model as it comes in the box. To take that model to the level that Czech modeler David Damek does in this amazing video is infinitely harder than he makes it all look.

Even if you’re not a modeler, you will likely find yourself mesmerized watching this. Dave takes the kit from the plastic parts in the box to a customized, super-detailed, and beautifully painted and weathered 1:48-scale Fw-190 Focke-Wulf A-8/R2 German WWII fighter plane.

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Not only is this video amazing in showing the entire build process, and the use of after-market brass detailing parts that one can buy, but Dave shows you how he uses things like lead wire, plastic stock, poster putty, and even scrap pieces in his build process.

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To take you even deeper into the build process on this model, in a series of how-to videos, Dave shows you how he achieved all of the super detailing and other effects. In this video, he shows you how he built, detailed, and then painted the Fw-190’s cockpit.

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In this second how-to, homemade parts are detailed, step-by -step. The use of Plasticard, lead wire, even plastic trash are demonstrated.

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In the final, and perhaps most impressive video in the series, Dave shows how he painstakingly scribes all of the panel lines and (negative) rivets onto the fuselage and wings of the plane. He even shows a riveting tool he made from a watch mainspring and a piece of wood.

Besides his highly recommended YouTube modeling channel, his website also has really decent tutorials on everything from basic modeling to advanced techniques. It’s Google-translated, but you can still figure out most everything between the Manglish and the images.

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