Weekend Watch: Indie-Annie Jones’ Goofy World of Cosplay and Crafts

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Weekend Watch: Indie-Annie Jones’ Goofy World of Cosplay and Crafts

August is not yet over, but if you’re already pining for the creeptastic craftiness of the Halloween season, you’re not alone. Indie-Annie Jones is here to help. Here’s a taste of what her channel’s about:

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As you can see, she’s all about having fun with cosplay, crafts, food, and set design. Her videos are mostly one long take, complete with super goofy stream-of-consciousness banter. That, coupled with her opening credits and title cards, result in something reminiscent of a Saturday Night Live skit, but with more DIY ideas.

Indie-Annie weaves a lot of theatrics into her props, costumes, crafts, and cooking. She makes everything herself, including the sets, but she also keeps things simple and accessible for people with limited time or resources. She’s got some great 5-minute ideas, like dripping red candle wax down a white candle for a bloody effect.

Here and there, Indie-Annie will have you chuckling at some naughty euphemisms, but her videos are generally kid-friendly. Videos that feature Indie-Annie in Disney character cosplay will probably be especially exciting for little ones.

Indie-Annie’s Halloween craft video (below) from last year is one of her most popular videos yet. If you like what you see, be sure to watch for some new projects from Indie-Annie Jones exclusively here on Make: as we gear up for this year’s All Hallow’s Eve!

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