Welcome September, Welcome Fiber Arts!

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Incredible Crochet Cthulhu Mask.jpg
Incredible Crochet Cthulhu Mask
Hello Crafters!
Here we are, already in September, with autumn right around the corner. And to get into the fall mood – the season when threads, needles, hooks and looms run overtime – our theme for the month is Fiber Arts.
Some of our upcoming projects include making a colorwork tote bag to keep your yarns organized, creating a bow tie and hand-stitched pocket square, knitting vase cozies, a basic intarsia tutorial, and building an inkle loom to help you weave straps, belts, ribbons, etc. You’ll find many fiber-related blog posts sprinkled throughout the month as well.
So get out your fabrics, yarn and notions and follow us as we have fun weaving high creativity into textile crafts.
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