Wonder (bread) Woman

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Wonder (bread) Woman

Wonder Bread Woman
Wonder Bread Woman Cu
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Not content merely playing with her food, Emily took that extra step and made figurative sculptural art out of it –

Me and my pal Wonder® Woman. Don’t we make a nice team?

She actually started out my size, but the armature wasn’t quite sturdy enough, and she began to shrink and warp a little. Alas! Noodle legs. We still look good together.

One superhero made of 11 bags of Wonder Bread.

What – no peanut butter sidekick? – Wonder® Woman with her maker

4 thoughts on “Wonder (bread) Woman

  1. Timm Murray says:

    What happens when it rains, and all preservatives in the runoff create a minor environmental disaster?

  2. Collin Cunningham says:

    so sayeth the maker –

    “By the way, all this white bread has been out in the air for several months now, and it’s not even starting to spoil. Kind of scary. ”



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