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Tim Writes:
As a way to support my son’s interest in technology and supplement what is, except for computer class, an almost tech-free school experience, we have created a web show called WREXLabs (Reverse Engineering eXperimental Labs (the W is silent)), in which we take things apart to see how they work. We’ve got three episodes created so far with another one in post-production. In future episodes we will not only take things apart but we’ll be taking the parts we find and using them to make new things. We’ve got brush bot and electrical generator episodes planned.

What we’d really like to do with WREXLabs is build a community of kids who don’t look at each other funny when they say they want to take apart an RC Car or an alarm clock or a disk drive. You can check out our web page and videos at wrexlabs.com. We’d love to see teachers using reverse engineering to get kids interested in science and technology, and if WREXLabs could help in doing that then we’d be very happy.

Thanks Tim and Declan, nice work! There is so much to be learned from taking things apart. Just check with the previous owner of the thing you’re taking apart, and Always Wear Your Safety Glasses!

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Wrex Labs – Link

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