Billy Mays Tribute Cross-Stitch


But wait, there’s more!
A fabulous tribute to epic pitchman, Billy Mays, by Look What Emily Made. [via Mr. X Stitch]

6 thoughts on “Billy Mays Tribute Cross-Stitch

  1. Jake Spurlock says:


  2. ChristineBoss says:

    I’d say the Billy Mays products work well. I have Hercules Hooks and Kaboom! I enjoyed watching him promote the products he advertised. He seemed so exuberant.

  3. Look What Emily Made says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my Billy Mays Cross-Stitch!
    There are a few more photos of it here:
    I’m a web designer, and I made a lot of Billy’s ‘As Seen on TV products’ websites, so I created this to honor him. It is now framed and hanging in my office at work. RIP BILLY!

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