Bunny Pincushion Ring



This bunny may not look too thrilled about being stuck with pins, but it sure makes me happy! This stuffed bunny pincushion ring by Flickr user Dottyral is a very clever way to keep pins handy during sewing and mending projects. Link.

6 thoughts on “Bunny Pincushion Ring

  1. dottyral says:

    The photo of my bunny ring seems to have been accidentally replaced. The ring shown above isn’t mine.

  2. Rebecca Stern says:

    Whoops! Sometimes we have some problems when we upload an image with the same name as one that’s already on the server; All fixed now, thanks for pointing this out!

  3. dottyral says:

    Oh thank you! I actually didn’t expect anyone to see my comment or switch the photos. Thank you so much!

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