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Clothespin Dolls


Chrissa Clothespin

Recently, Kath at Whip Up did a post on clothes pins and it reminded me of these wonderful dolls that my friend and crafter Chrissa Banner makes. I love the accompanying sets she creates so the dolls really fit in a scene. She was inspired by the children’s book series,”The Borrowers” and because of her I’ve almost read them all. There’s something fascinating about a small world you can create and how it can emerge from something so simple as a wooden clothes pin. Link.

Chrissa says “These photos are from a birthday story I made for a friend involving a magic present – a handbag – that whisked her around the world on a birthday adventure. Fritz the cat went along, too.Link.


Here’s a close up of another one of Chrissa’s clothespin dolls based on one of our friends and her brand Lulu Bliss. From her own flickr Clothespin Portraits group. Link.

More Clothespin Dolls

The Small Object Steno Pad makes some cute clothes pin dolls for sale. At left is No. 403 Ric Puffy Rac and at right is No. 399 Sweater Bird. See the flickr photo group of all of The Small Object’s pieces. Link.


Vintage handmade peg doll from Kath’s blog, red current. Lots of resources here on how to make your own clothes pin dolls. Link.

10 thoughts on “Clothespin Dolls

  1. geek+nerd says:

    Wow, this is a blast from my past. I used to make little dolls like these when I was small, by winding embroidery floss around the “body.” This post has inspired me to try making these again! I’ll have to post pictures of my old efforts on my blog!

  2. Sharon J. Bainbridge says:

    Love these dolls! Fantastic. What a creative lady, the pictures are brilliant!
    My Nan used to do all sorts of crafts with us when we were kids. Peg dolls were one of my favourites. And now I have passed that on to my daughter who has made some fantastic dolls which were featured in her school for the autumn project. Considering she is only four, it just shows you what is possible.
    Before my Nan passed away she gave me her amazing sewing box and from that box I have created some lovely little peg dolls and fairy costumes. I started making some of the characters from my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby, which I would love to have featured one day. My daughter and I both made an autumn fairy which is featured on MY SPACE, brilliant one to make as it costs hardly anything and it gets the kids out and about.
    If you want to find me just type in Sharon J. Bainbridge in google. Happy crafting!

  3. Marie says:

    There are some really cute designs using standard
    clothespins over at
    called PINIATURES, miniature furniture designs made with clohtespins. One of the designs is a rocking chair that really rocks….how neat!

  4. Jeff M says:

    These dolls are great! Clothespin dolls are a lot of fun to make. I just wanted to let everybody know that there is a website that sells kits to make your own clothespin people: The kits have all the material and instructions to make Mothers Day dolls, Independence Day dolls, Graduation, Christmas, Thanksgiving and many more.

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