Crochet Yoda Hut


This crocheted yoda hut from Craftster user Jatoha is full of pure awesome. And can you believe she just freehanded it? She made it for her daughter to use with her Star Wars action figures (and yes, that’s Obi Wan standing in for Luke) and I’m wishing I could finally get the hang of crochet so I could make one for myself … er…. my son. [via Geek Crafts]

12 thoughts on “Crochet Yoda Hut

  1. Belsfire says:

    That is the best thing ever! Way to go!

  2. Jess says:

    Thanks for the mention! I can’t believe I’m on Craftzine, I love you guys!!

  3. Rachel Hobson says:

    My pleasure! I love this so much! Great work. :)

  4. Andy Semongko says:

    I love how the picture was made by adding two of the well known Jedi, Love those movie…, and love the crochet…

  5. Andy Semongko says:

    I love how you made the photo by adding two of my favorite jedi, love those movie…, and love the hat…

  6. Andy Semongko says:

    If Ihad a lightsaber, I probably going to wear that hat… :D

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