Embroidered Giftcard


I love that Sublime Stitching‘s Jenny Hart is such an embroidery nut, she took her needle and floss to this Target giftcard, adding a blanket stitch border to the pre-punched edges.

4 thoughts on “Embroidered Giftcard

  1. Karlie says:

    It’s pretty and all, but unless you’re using the card to shop online, you’ll probably have to pick out all the stitches if it has a mag strip. would be a real bummer to get to the check out to see that your beautiful card has to be destroyed so it can be swiped.

  2. Jenny Ryan says:

    I can definitely see your point… but it really does make for a nice presentation, especially since it was a wedding gift. I wonder if the checkout folks could punch in the card info manually the way they do for credit cards with worn-out strips?

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