Favorite Scarf (for now)


CRAFT: Singer Contest - Me, My Scarf, and I
This is my favorite scarf. That I bought last year.
I have several other favorite scarves. Probably about 10 or so that are favorites, and another dozen or so that I really, really like.
Favorites include the one I got at a thrift store in Germany this summer; the one I bought in San Francisco with my best friend Jenny on a Mom’s Night Away; and the one Marie Kare (love ya!) knit for me a few years ago. So many fabulous scarves!
But back to my favorite scarf (that I bought last year).
I got it at Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco from Lauren Brady, the woman next to the Craftzine booth where I was working. It’s designed with quilted pieces on one side and a rust-colored, very soft corduroy on the other.

scarfopensmall.jpg birdonscarfsmall.jpg

Besides the pattern and fabric choices, both of which I love, it includes two clever features. The first is the little embroidered bird on one end. So cute! The other is a button sewn onto the corduroy side about a third of the way down the length, and a corresponding hole sewn into the scarf near the other end. You can button your scarf in place! This keeps you super toasty and super fashionable, all at the same time. Such an awesome feature for a favorite scarf!
And I can’t wait to find my next favorite scarf among the entries in the Me, My Scarf, and I contest. You’re all clever, crafty, and motivated, so maybe I’ll end up with 2 or 3 favorites this year!

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