Knit Cupcake



Keeping with our knit food today, here’s a knit cupcake pattern, that’s seamless! Link.

8 thoughts on “Knit Cupcake

  1. hello_kitty_love says:

    Thank you for the wonderful sweets! It’s so delicious, who could pass it by?

  2. NineInchNachos says:

    My wife started knitting her own cupcakes based upon a similar design. It has been great fun!

  3. marianne grosso says:

    Hi, I actually do not know my way around a blog so I would like some help. I went on on e link and found knitted donuts but no pattern . Does anyone have one? I am making cupcakes and donuts for a fund raiser for Breast Cancer…susan Komen affliate. Any help??? Thank you so much…marianne

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