Magda Sayeg yarn bombs jolly old England


The Guardian’s Perri Lewis wrote a story about guerrilla knitter Magda Sayeg’s “yarn bombing” escapades in London.

Picture 3-4The 35-year-old from Texas is the founder of Knitta Please, one of the first guerrilla knitting crews. Sayeg started out decorating her local area with leftover pieces of knitting from unfinished projects. She soon got more ambitious, travelling around the world and leaving bits of thread behind: she counts the Great Wall of China, a handful of Paris landmarks and the Welcome to Manhattan sign on the Brooklyn Bridge among her greatest conquests.

What’s the point, though? “It’s about making people smile and bringing art out of the galleries so everyone can appreciate it”, she says. “I love it when a postman, who has driven past the same stop sign every day, suddenly sees it tagged with knitting and emails me to say how awesome it is.”

Shown above, a detail of a photo of a yarn bombed public statue in London. (Photo by Graeme Robertson.) (Thanks, Mark!)

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