Me, My Scarf, and I Contest Winners


CRAFT: Singer Contest - Me, My Scarf, and I

Thank you to everyone who entered in the Me, My Scarf, and I Contest! All of the entries were fantastic and so creative, it was fun to see what everyone came up with. You can see all the entries in the Flickr Group.
Here are the winners! Congratulations!
Grand Prize:

Selvedge Ruffles by Crafty Intentions

Runners Up:
(There are 4 Runners Up due to a tie.)
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Reversible Scarf Bag by kanastasiak
Faux-y Lady by mr. huckleberry & the milosaur
4130275688 A05D9767C4 B
Ick and Ack by mwm8180
4125568959 7C126Ea930 B
Tubes Scarf by MeggBee
Honorable Mentions:
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Most Versatile: Never-Ending Coziness by bnky84
4128346488 02Ce69082D O
Best Use of Beading: Jazzy Side Notes by cherrylane
4130113396 1D842B7Bb2 O
Best Patchwork: My Swatch Scarf by itsastitch
4128524777 7C9B11C5C6
Most Clever Use of Embroidery: Mood Scarves by angelic marshmallow
4130522296 Ce0Bf2Df43
Best Geek Love Scarf: Science Scarf by Londyn’s Uncle
4128629144 Fe453B13Ea
Kookiest Scarf: Lasercut Rufflebeard Scarf by Jenine Bressner.
4130154000 A2De87F247 B
Best Use of Poetry to Describe a Scarf: Mobius Scarf by GrowingLikeTrees

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