Michigan Snow Day Crafts


When you’re a kid in Michigan, “snow day!” meant a day goofing off, making snowmen and being very happy that your spelling test was postponed. When you’re a grown-up in Michigan, “snow day!” means working from home in a sweatsuit, eating pizza leftovers for lunch and coming up with craft projects with the supplies you have on hand.

That was me yesterday. Metro Detroit received around 6 inches of snow (give or take, depending on where you are), so I worked from home. At the end of the work day, I found myself stranded on my un-plowed street wanting to make a new “something,” but restricted to the supplies I had on hand.
What to do?! Snow day embroidery with scraps and odds-n-ends.
Using some of my favorite Sublime Stitching patterns and a Handmade Detroit mitten pin, I used some scrap fabric from my craft closet and an embroidery hoop never put to use. As you can see, the state of Michigan is pretty excited about the snow day. I wrote “SNOW DAY!!!!!” with a fine-point Sharpie in the bubble and filled in with some favorite colors.
If you get stranded in your apartment like I did, I think you might be surprised at what crafty inspiration you’ll find with leftover supplies.
What kind of projects do you like to work on when you’re either stuck at home due to snow or just hanging around?

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