Real Men Knit DVD



O’Reilly Editor Brian Sawyer introduces us to the new DVD, “Real Men Knit”. In addition to a 32-minute documentary, the video also includes a 20-minute knitting lesson (a knitted cap) and two 20-minute interviews with “famous” and “legendary” male knitwear designers. Check out Brian’s intro to the piece and the accompanying video preview. If anyone out there gets this DVD please let us know what you think! Link.

4 thoughts on “Real Men Knit DVD

  1. Barns and noble book says:

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  2. jessy says:

    Marvelous! I really want to try knitting again now. The actually documentary was super adorable – I loved watching them talking about how they learned and what they like knitting.
    The actual tutorial was very helpful. I feel like I would have luck using circular needles now. I’ll be picking some up tomorrow.
    I highly recommend this DVD. :D

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