Sewn Soap Pouch


I’ve been doing a lot of digging in my garden lately, and my 14-month-old loves nothing better than digging right alongside. Getting the dirt off my hands at the end of the day is hard enough, but it’s almost impossible to clean up a wriggly toddler! I really like this sewn soap pouch how-to (try saying that three times fast) for reusing old, worn-out washcloths as pouches for old, worn-out soap. Soap + a little abrasion = clean! Yay.

4 thoughts on “Sewn Soap Pouch

  1. Oceaneer99 says:

    Oh, wow. We make these, too and call them wash-hanjes, so I’ve always assumed it was a Dutch thing.

  2. Oceaneer99 says:

    should have read “wash-handjes”

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