St. George and the Dragon Flip Doll


I love Laura’s softies over at the We Wilsons blog (the pig with wings! The turtle coming out of its shell!), but Laura has totally stolen my heart with this fantastic St. George and the Dragon flip doll. Aside from the fact that the flip itself is hilarious (is the dragon digesting St. George? Or the other way around?), the details are incredible: the visor lifts, St. George has a dapper mustache, and the dragon has rickrack spines. I am totally inspired. What other flip dolls could/should exist? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? The Little Mermaid in both her guises? The Frog Prince? I could go on all day…
Be sure to check out the Wilsons Etsy shop; you can buy many fabulous softies (more flip dolls, too!) or pdf patterns.

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