Your Psycho Girlfriend on BBtv

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A tutu made of severed baby doll heads? A taxidermed possum that projects a keyboard from one of its hind legs? It’s maker fun brought to you by HP Lovecraft and Salvador Dali. Actually it’s brought to you by BBtv.

Text-o-possum / Your Psycho Girlfriend – Link

10 thoughts on “Your Psycho Girlfriend on BBtv

  1. arys says:

    Salvatore Dali not Salvidor Dali.

    Using names just to impress?

  2. RTFMpeople says:

    Don’t you just love it when a Troll’s attempt at a flame backfires?! PWNED! ;)

  3. arys says:

    Salvatore and Salvador are both correct.
    Salvidor which was the initial spelling, before the text was edited, isn’t.

  4. PattiS says:

    arys, pointing out a spelling error is benign; adding the comment that the poster is using a name “to impress” is trollery.

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