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Your Crafty Comments
We’re back with another installment of Your Crafty Comments from the previous week. We loved hearing about fond memories brought back by some of our posts and other inspirations, so let’s get right to it!

Brookelynn’s Basket Weave Kicks video was a huge hit, and Shen Barnachea, shares the memories it brought back for her over on our Facebook page:

My husband use to do this when he was 12 working at the flea market for a shoe selling booth.. That was over 20 + years ago. He recently did it for our teenage daughter & she loved it!

Also bringing in loads of comment love was Becky’s post about the Nutella Cheesecake recipe, which had everyone drooling, it seems. I think Brandy Davis on Facebook put it well when she said:

I love Nutella and I love cheesecake….who ever thought of this is my Hero…can’t wait to try it.

We also had some mystery solving going on with our comments this week. First up, Katie Wilson asked readers if they knew what this charming bird kitchen utensil was in her Design Notebook column. Reader, Caroline, recognized it right away.

I think that bird might be a lemon-wedge press (as silly as it sounds). My old roommate had one just like it, and that’s what she used it for.
Beautiful piece!

And, lastly, when I posted this picture of a crochet-covered bicycle from our friends at Lion Brand Yarn and asked if anyone knew the story behind it, I was thrilled that reader, zeina1, had the details and shared them with us:

Thats Olek. She’s in a residency at The Artists Alliance. The bike was outside cuchifritos at the Essex Street Market which she’ll be in a show this summer. Here’s a link to Olek’s site.
She does awesome work!

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