3D-Print This Kickass, Snap-Together R/C Race Car

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As 3D printers get better, and users get more experience designing with 3D printing in mind, we are seeing more models released that use fewer non-printed parts to accomplish the end goal.

Taylor Alexander wanted a demo platform for his new Arduino compatible wireless system, Flutter. He decided to build a screw-less 3D printed RC vehicle that snaps together and can easily be assembled and disassembled — the Flutter Scout. This may not sound too exciting until you watch the video of this little car zipping around, and realize that this would be a ton of fun. Even though this was designed as a platform for testing his Flutter radio, it works great with a standard RC receiver and transmitter.

While I think the RC car is a great toy and will be much easier to fix when your kid (or the big kid that is you) sends it careening off way too high of a jump, I think the real fun lies in using this as the start for a robotic self driving car platform. The top shell of this design could easily be replaced with a housing that holds sensors in place and allows more space for other electronics.

Find the complete instructions for building your own right here on Make:.

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