3D Printing A Samus Aran Costume From Metroid

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Do you have access to a 3D printer and want to show everyone up on Halloween this year? 3D printers are taking cosplaying to a whole new level with things like wearable a Daft Punk helmet, and now a Metroid Prime 3 Samus Aran Varia Suit.

Using her friends Zcorp 450 3D printers and a 3D model based on this one, Imgur user Talaaya first created a pepakura helmet to get the sizing right (you’ll want to be completely accurate when you print or it will be a very expensive mistake!), which she has included all the sizing files for the helmet and rest of the suit here. The helmet had to be printed in 4 pieces due to the size of the printer bed, and it required a lot of work to put them together. After gluing the pieces together, the peices became a little warped during the curing process (dipping the piece in or covering it with superglue) and to get everything lined back up, bondo and some grinding was required. Talaaya also points out that because 3D printers print in layers, the results have a grooved wood grain-like texture, which she filled with a thin layer of bondo and sanded down.

0 thoughts on “3D Printing A Samus Aran Costume From Metroid

  1. jdm8 says:

    It’s very nice, but to download it from that site, you need to own a specific mod pack on Steam. Soooo….. nope.

    1. Tako says:

      You should probably read the site again.

      You can download her .pdo files directly, she just linked the 3d models she used as source material, so you could create an even better unfold. And you also wouldn’t need “to own a specific mod pack on Steam” to do this – while these files were meant to play with in gmod, you just want to open and edit them (at least if you would want to unfold them yourself, which she already did for you).

      1. jdm8 says:

        The links changed since yesterday’s posting.

        They used to go here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=64260

        1. Tako says:

          You didn’t read my post, did you?
          Do you understand what a .pdo-file is?
          Do you understand, what that link you just posted is pointing to?

          You really should read more carefully before spouting nonsense on the internet. It would have saved me the time to create this very account.

          1. jdm8 says:

            The story originally linked to the link I posted. You’re bitching to me about a story that changed after I made my post. I’m just explaining what happened.

          2. Tako says:

            You were complaining about needing “to own a specific mod pack on Steam”, which is untrue, even considering that the story originally linked to the link you posted.
            However, I did misunderstand you before – I thought you were talking about the downloadlink on the creators blog, not about the link in this story. My words were pretty harsh, so I apologize.

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