5 3D Prints To Save you Money

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It is no secret that we love 3D printing here at Make:. We tend to focus on the cooler and more outstanding prints, but the fact is that these are useful tools that can save you money.

Joe Makes took some time to put together a video to show off a few prints that he found actually useful and, if you already have a printer, money saving. Joe doesn’t just show the files, he takes his time to really educate you along the way. Starting off with a brief explanation of the most common types of printing, he sets the stage. Then, with each file he jumps into information that you need to know, such as how infill works and things like that.

With the massive amounts of beginners getting cheap printers every day, I found this video to be a perfect way of teaching newbies about some of the basics of printing while also supplying some useful info for those of us who are already familiar.

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