Boston’s 3D Printed Drones Meet Up

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Boston’s 3D Printed Drones Meet Up

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On Monday night in Boston, MA, 3D Hubs hosted a meet up to bring members of the local 3D printing and drone communities together. The Middlesex Lounge provided a perfect atmosphere for an event that was a great balance of informative talks and a fun social hangout. Boston is a leading city in the world of 3D printing, and the packed room definitely showed it. Nikki Finnemore, the newly hired 3D Hubs community manager for the United States, came up from New York to attend the event, and was joined by key figures from Formlabs, Markforged, and Onshape.

DronePresentationJordan Pelovitz gave a fantastic presentation on getting started with drones in a safe and responsible manner. Jordan is a licensed small aircraft pilot and believes that personal drone pilots should treat their miniature craft with the same level of respect and caution as a pilot would with a real aircraft. A copy of Jordan’s presentation can be downloaded here.


DronesPhilip Thomas, from Onshape, designed a custom 3D printed drone for the event. In the process, he learned a lot about design for 3D printing and presented the pitfalls of designing a complicated machine like a quadcopter.

Paulina Perepelkin, the Boston 3D Hubs mayor, informed me that she tries to organize a meet up for local 3D Hubs members quarterly. While the next one won’t be drone themed, I look forward to seeing what other topics are chosen.

0 thoughts on “Boston’s 3D Printed Drones Meet Up

  1. rocketryguy says:

    Looks like the slideshow didn’t make the error of being a regurgitation of what he was saying (good presentation design), but for those of us who weren’t there, there’s a lack of links to potentially very interesting data, i.e. skychicken? Where can we find out more?

  2. Filemon says:

    Awesome! :)

  3. philip says:

    The ‘How I designed a drone’ presentation was impromptu – if anyone is interested in the CAD data, I am more than happy to share it. Note we are still only in a closed testing phase, but as long as you are able to sign an NDA, we are happy to let members of this group in :)

  4. Jordan Pelovitz says:

    Great write-up! If anyone wants to reach me, they can email me at jordan.pelovitz at gmail! Great presentation by Philip and great event! :)

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