Brigitte Kock’s 3D Printed Textiles Have Us Re-Thinking Design

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Brigitte Kock’s 3D Printed Textiles Have Us Re-Thinking Design

I stumbled onto a really fascinating series of TikToks on designing a 3D printed corset with fully 3D printed connectors and everything.

You can see in the TikTok embedded above, how there are neat little ball and hole style connectors that hole the whole thing together, and that is where things get really interesting. Brigitte kock ( on Instagram and TikTok, and Youtube) has been working on various ways of connecting 3D prints to make textiles. The various types of interlocking designs she has come up with have resulted in fully 3d printed garments with some pretty unique looks.

The bag in the instagram video above is fully 3d printed and really exemplifies how flexible this design concept is.

I contacted Brigitte and asked her a few questions about what she’s doing.

How did you get into 3d printing?

My bachelor, Industrial Design at the TU/e, let us choose which ‘space’ we wanted to work in. At each opportunity I got, my projects would be in ‘Wearable Senses’, where people would embroider with conductive wires, create kombucha shirts and other lasercutted or electronic contraptions. One of the PhD’ers there was working on using body data to mass customise 3D printed shoes. Troy (Nachtigall) had his printers in the lab and was kind enough not only to teach us how to use them, but also give us freedom to experiment. Which at that point, when printers were still expensive and far and few in between, was incredibly generous. That project set off a fascination for 3D printing that I’m still pursuing 7 years later – PerFlex is a service that turns measurements into the perfect fitting bra: 

Which came first for you, fashion or 3d printing?

Fashion. Recently my mom shared this picture with me where I’d made a dress out of paper when I was maybe 6? 

The first thing I clearly remember is a green fantasy dress on my first sewing machine! 

What do you do for a day job?

My full-time commitment is as a business analyst manager for an law firm specialised in insurance law. Since the work I do is so different from designing 3D models or fixing the printer, I tend to still have a lot of creativity left after work.

What 3d printer do you use?

At the moment my only working printer is the Artillery Sidewinder x2. Which I choose since it’s very compatible with flexible filament. The other one needs the LCD screen and USB ports replacing. I’m saving up for a belt printer and have a DIY delta type clay printer waiting to be built. 

Is there some experiment you’ve been wanting to do that you haven’t been able to yet?

Printing on textile definitely has my interest, so I would like to give that a try. However, my main focus would be on creating bio filaments as soon as I have a bit more space. (We currently still live in a student room to save up) 

This is a behind the sense of my set up

What is the biggest difficulty right now in what you’re trying to do? 

Balancing friends, health, work and hobby with content creation consistently has been my biggest challenge. It has required me to slow down and only pick 3 things I want to do per day. Which means my progress per day is frustratingly slow (in my eyes) hahaha, but looking back over bigger time period you realize how far you’ve come. 

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