Check Out the New All-Metal Printrbot Plus

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Check Out the New All-Metal Printrbot Plus

3D printer maker Printrbot continues its evolution into a more mature industrial design with the release of the new metal Printrbot Plus.

Originally launched with an open-source laser-cut plywood designs and a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the company released many iterations of its design, both big, small and portable, since 2011. Last year they marked a big transition with the release of their first metal-framed printer, a remake of the small and super-affordable Simple. And since then they’ve been growing in various retail spaces including RadioShack and Amazon.

Printrbot’s founder Brook Drumm sends the following details:

Price: $999 single extruder (w/o heated bed)
Print dimension: 10x10x10″
Heated bed and dual extruder available for $1299 – includes 24V power supply for plenty of power and faster heat on heated (no more ATX PSU)
New all metal Ubus hotend
All metal, powder coated
Mic6 aluminum bed (ready for heater if you choose)
X&Y are linear rails
Super low profile design — significantly smaller than previous version of the Plus
Takes up minimal room on your desk
Easy to carry
GT2 belts for x and y, acme rod for Z

“We are really proud of this design and think it’s our best work and best design yet,” Brook says. “It goes on sale Black Friday and will be available in kit or fully assembled.”


0 thoughts on “Check Out the New All-Metal Printrbot Plus

  1. Luis E. Rodriguez says:

    Wow! Looks great, can’t wait to review it!

  2. Allen Rockwell says:

    Cool, just what we’ve been waiting for …. another FDM printer. What’s that make now about 200 or so available?

    1. Daniel Brown says:

      Actually its closer to 400, the difference is about 370 of them are garbage me-too reprap clones while Printrbots metal range are easily top 10 among all FDM 3d printers (Im including the industrial grade machines in that top 10)..

    2. FearlessFreep says:

      The last thing the market needs in just another FDM printer, but Printrbot has been pushing the envelope of high end quality and features into low end printers. So I think a lot of people are waiting for their new products. I also have to give them kudos for hitting the sweet spot between turnkey simplicity and open source.

  3. John Abella Sr. says:

    If this new printer prints as well as their Printrbot Simple, (and there is no reason to think it will not?), it will be a welcome addition to the ~$1,000.00 printer field.

  4. Thomas Harrell says:

    Haven’t really been interested in the FDM printers, but this one looks a lot more like something I’d design. Will wait to see how the hotend and extruders behave, but the rest of the mechanics look super solid. Great choices and they’ve managed to keep it in a realistic price range.

  5. n2ri says:

    noisy! and needs inclosure to prevent layers lifting on long prints plus bed from hitting something on desk while printing. is there rollers under spool?

  6. Connor Kress says:

    If you Buy this Printer, Be prepared to tinker with it for months. We bought one last December, and its still has not given us one complete print. First the Power Supply went bad, and we had to have another shipped out. Then the printrboard/Z sensor died. That was in January, We still haven’t gotten it yet. I thought i had seen it all when I started 3D printing in 2012, yet here I am, trying to return my printrbot Metal Plus.

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