Hot-wire cut styrofoam chair

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Hot-wire cut styrofoam chair

From designer Khodi Feiz, the Wip Chair is CNC-cut from a single piece of polystyrene foam. The chair was produced in large numbers and featured in a 2006 installation at the Dutch embassy in Berlin. [via myninjaplease]

6 thoughts on “Hot-wire cut styrofoam chair

  1. RocketGuy says:

    Reach beneath, er, uh, just take the whole chair. Now THAT’S a flotation device!

    Love hot wire, but boy that’s a lot of Styrofoam. Anybody else get a ocean-saving twinge?

    Really nice design, wish there was a good substitute for petro-based foams, like blown starch or such.

    1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

      …styrofoam has lots of amazing properties. Too bad about the environmental footprint. Kinda like mercury that way. Except, you know, mercury is way worse.

  2. mrmeval says:

    How dense is that foam? It appears to be very dense.

    As to it’s ‘footprint’ it’s 100 percent recyclable and does not degrade in landfills. It’s highest negative impact is in water.

    Soon it will be too expensive to use and starch peanuts, PLA and packing material derived from fungus will come to the fore front.

    At some point, at least 30 years from now we will be mining landfills and skimming the ocean for this stuff.

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