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Kinect 3D Modeler

Austrian Kinect hacker Sebastian Pirch from 3rD-EYE in Salzburg has built a 3D modeling system using a Microsoft Kinect controller and an Arduino. Using a pair of custom soft circuit gloves to provide a mouse click, Sebastian is able to model objects in mid air, in 3D, using gestures captured by the Kinect, which are then rendered with an LCD projector. It’s a little crude now, but he’ll probably be designing flying armored suits by this time next year. [via GeekyGadgets]

4 thoughts on “Kinect 3D Modeler

  1. Anonymous says:

    Neat idea, but horrible in execution. That model looks really bad. I can’t imagine how a person would be able to do a realistic high-res model on that screen without his arms falling off.

    Maybe it’s just the wrong kind of program. I think a sculpting program such as Z-Brush or Mudbox might hold more promise.

  2. Engineer Zero says:

    Absolutely brilliant. I do a lot of work in Sketchup and can see where a 3D system like this would speed things up a lot.

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