Kit-A-Day Giveaway: MakerBot Thing-O-Matic (#4 of 5)

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We’re giving away amazing kits from our new Make: Ultimate Kit Guide EVERY DAY — thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including MakerBots!

To celebrate the release of our latest publication, the Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 (and its companion website), we’re giving away at least one of the cool kits reviewed in the issue each day during the holiday season. Today, we’re giving away our fourth MakerBot Thing-O-Matic (a $1,300 value!), featured on the cover of the Ultimate Kit Guide. Here’s Make: Labs intern Eric Chu’s review of Thing-O-Matic from the issue:

If you want to get into 3D printing but don’t know where to start, the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic Kit is the way to go. It’s a complete kit, so you need no additional parts, and a large user community can back you up if problems pop up (not to mention Thingiverse, where you can find awesome open source designs). It took me about 20 hours to build the Thing-O-Matic and start printing, and I improved its accuracy with more tuning, calibrating, and tinkering with settings in the ReplicatorG software. If you have any trouble, read the discussion at the bottom of every build step. I’ve since 3D-printed many fun and handy things (everyone loves a 3D-printed gift!) and the MakerBot is now by far the most-used machine at Make: Labs.

To be eligible for today’s giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below in this post. Writing a haiku will not help your chances (but it may give us a laugh.) The entry period for today’s prize will be until 11:59pm PST tonight. We’ll choose one person at random, you’ll be notified by email, and you’ll have 48 hours to respond. The Winners List is kept on the Giveaway landing page. That’s it! No purchase necessary or anything else to do. Please leave only one comment per post. You can enter as many giveaways as you like until you win. This giveaway is for US residents only. You also must be 18 years old to enter (Kids: Ask your parents to enter). See the Kit-A-Day Giveaway landing page for full sweepstakes details and Official Rules.

Important Note: If you enter this drawing, when it’s over, please check the place where you registered to comment (eg. Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter). Some people are winning these kits and then not responding when we send them a message using the available means of contacting them. We want to make sure you get your giveaway!

4,604 thoughts on “Kit-A-Day Giveaway: MakerBot Thing-O-Matic (#4 of 5)

  1. kevin sexton says:

    enter me now!

  2. Brian Lilly says:

    I wanna win!

  3. Anonymous says:

    enter me!!

  4. Martin Hebrank says:

    Yay. another shot. . .at losing. *sigh* I can hope, I guess.

  5. Gary VS says:

    So very awesome, I could use one :)

  6. Mr. Glass says:


  7. Sam Barncord says:

    Santa, I would like a MakerBot so I can make more toys..

  8. Chip Patterson says:

    Spending the day watching the trilogy extended edition. Give me something better to do.

  9. Anonymous says:

    try again…

  10. jerry scott says:

    I would soooo love to have this for Christmas!

  11. Christopher Meyer says:

    The elephant will fly at dawn.

  12. Adam Franklin says:

    im feeling lucky this time

  13. Lahcen Ghourabi says:

    It would be a cool christmas gift to have this.

  14. Anonymous says:

    makerbots are VERY cool.

  15. Richard Kulesus says:

    I am Number Four

  16. Shane Warren says:

    This may be getting cliche, but: 4th times a charm?

  17. Matt Buck says:

    Looking to get into the 3d printing movement and this would be a great start

  18. Anonymous says:

    I would love to play with one of these.

  19. Eric Trombly says:

    I want it :D

  20. Erik Rogneby says:

    Does it make kittens too?

  21. David Carley says:

    Try, try again…

  22. golond says:

    Throwing my hat into the ring

  23. Ashley Huxley says:


  24. James Clawson Jr. says:

    Forth time is a charm!!!!!

  25. Warrick Wilson says:

    This would probably confuse many of my friends and acquaintances

  26. Rob Maxwell says:

    I’m just going to leave this here.

  27. Michael Greb says:

    Please make my christmas wish come true

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thing-o-matic! Come on RNG!

  29. Vipin Goyle says:

    Need…need…to believe in Santa.

  30. Stormy Gleason says:


  31. Jason Brown says:

    Wow I would love one of these. This would bring a new dimension to my robotics projects.

  32. MrRebeLs says:

    Merry Christmas !

  33. Nicholas St Gabriel says:

    It will be mine!

  34. Kodysand Wich says:


  35. Larry Yudelson says:

    Make it so!

  36. Victor Holz says:


  37. Anonymous says:

    still want!

  38. Maciej Babinski says:

    Yes, please!

  39. Anonymous says:

    One entry, please!

  40. Anonymous says:

    me Me ME! Pick ME!

  41. Stephen Grau says:

    Thing me please.. Thanks

  42. J. Smith says:

    Oh so bad…I want to win.

  43. sheldon bailey says:

    i’d love to have one of these, i have a broken camera mount on a tripod that needs replacement.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I can use it

  45. MarkS says:

    This is my next to last chance to win one of these.  I could really use it!

  46. Geoffrey Schaller says:

    Wonderful!  Happy Holidays, everyone!

  47. Adam Bartlett says:

    Please Santa…

  48. Anonymous says:

    maker bot yay!

  49. John Wood says:

    Better late than never.

  50. Hugh Enxing says:

    C’mon, can i get one of these?

  51. Chris Hoover says:

    Thing-O-Matic? Don’t mind if I do!

  52. dyl ich says:

    cmon lucky #s

  53. Robb Stutzman says:

    All I want for Christmas is a Thing-o-matic!

  54. Jason King says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  55. Wes Poole says:

    I’ll at least be consistant with my efforst to win this.  Plus it would go great next to my cupcake.

  56. toby fraley says:

    Much needed.

  57. Shawn Halli says:

    Oh please on this one, I’d have so much fun and be adding things to the open source libraries of parts as I went :)

  58. Anonymous says:

    I’m still psychologically scarred that I didn’t win the previous Makerbots.

  59. Michael Castro says:


  60. Anonymous says:

    Ooh, oooh! Mememememe!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Please ?

  62. Morgan Turner says:

    Go Make!

  63. Dan VanWinkle says:

    I would love to win this!

  64. Anonymous says:


  65. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to be able to donate one of these to FamiLAB.

  66. Peter Duperry says:

    Make me the winner!

  67. Nathan Hesson says:

    Yes Please!

  68. josh eltervoog says:

    Do Want

  69. Tim Witteveen says:

    Something clever and witty. 

  70. Paula Wood says:

    A maker what?

  71. Anonymous says:

    O MakerBot, O MakerBot,
    How lovely is your fabricating.

  72. Kyle Campbell says:

    Want to print all the things! 

  73. Jonathan Keane says:


  74. Anonymous says:

    This would be spiffy

  75. Wesley says:

    Makerbot me a makerbot.

  76. Patrick Magee says:

    yes, please.

  77. Adam R. Hughes says:

    oh please…oh please

  78. Matt Carty says:

    Thing-O-Matic rocks!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Legions of robotic minions await!

  80. all mine says:

    gimme gimme

  81. Travis Megee says:

    Apparently the 4th time is the charm. :D

  82. Anthony Maciel says:

    You’re running out of those things to give to me…

  83. Matthew Young says:

    Since this wouldn’t fit down the chimney with Santa, I’ll have to win one instead.

  84. Anonymous says:

    If I had a Makerbot, I’d print myself a new bicycle.

  85. Nathan McKinley says:

    I live in a fraternity house full of nerds.  We’d have this thing pumping out star wars figurines and models of the TARDIS in no time flat.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Woohoo! I really want this!

  87. Spencer Behling says:

    I think that this time I am going to win!

  88. Jay Cox-Chapman says:

    Here’s to ringing in 2012 with the Makerbot!

  89. Anonymous says:

    This could definitely fill the void before PrintrBot starts production.

  90. Don Sticksel says:

    FIngers crossed.

  91. Leland Sindt says:

    Try Try again… 

  92. Brad Siegfreid says:

    Fourth time is the charm?

  93. Statler or Waldorf says:

    I could probably kill someone for this.

  94. Pjotor Hive says:

    Hit me up!

  95. Andrew Lindsey says:

    Please to be winning me one of these.

  96. Les Arakaki says:


  97. Daniel Root says:

    I’d love a shot at this!!

  98. Mark Morton says:

    too cool.

  99. Sean Faherty says:

    Heck YES

  100. Carl Reisinger says:

    Yes, please

  101. Nick Tones says:

    I’d love one of these!

  102. Vince Bohner says:

    bot bot bot

  103. Whosawhatsis? says:


  104. Jeb R. Mortier says:

    Make My Day!

  105. Kevin McHugh says:


  106. James Rouse says:

    This would rekindle many of my dead projects and 3d doodles.

  107. Nick Hubben says:

    Yay, fingers crossed

  108. Anonymous says:

    So many things to make

  109. Adam Grow says:


  110. David Cushing says:

    Wish me luck

  111. Daniel Mitchell says:

    some day my prints will come.

  112. Eric Weinhoffer says:


  113. Joshua Merritt says:

    I have things to make, makerbot.

  114. Rorik Melberg says:

    Pick me!

  115. Preston Harkins says:


  116. Alex Brett says:

    Witty comment here!

  117. Jack Zielke says:


  118. Doug Hogan says:

    Wow I would love to add this to my garage! Pretty please??

  119. David Mann says:

    Baby needs a new pair of elastopolymer shoes!

  120. Anonymous says:

    I still want a blue bunny!!

  121. Paul Manning says:

    Want 1

  122. Justin Swigart says:


  123. Kevin Lepard says:

    Would love to win one of these.

  124. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take one

  125. Brad Luyster says:

    Makerbot Makerbot Beetlejuice!

  126. Kyle Smith says:

    This is awesome!

  127. Mike Creuzer says:

    I’ve got my toes crossed as it’s too hard to type with crossed fingers.
    (my feet hurt now as there’s not much room to cross one’s toes in safety
    toe shoes.)

  128. Steven Bell says:

    All I want for Christmas is a Thing-O-Matic…

  129. Bryon Burton says:

    Would love to have a MakerBot

  130. Anonymous says:

    0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 …

  131. Anonymous says:

    Yes, please!

  132. Scott Moulden says:

    Please pick me, this is an essential part of my plan for world domination!

  133. Anonymous says:

    I still need one of these to continue my personal cybernetic enhancement project.

  134. Andy Slupe says:

    yes please

  135. Jon Robelia says:

    Makerbot Makerbot Makerbot

  136. Rauno Luiv says:

    Please Make My Christmas, Please!

  137. Barclay Osborn says:


  138. Render Man says:


  139. Patrick Farrell says:

    This would be the best Christmas gift ever

  140. Andy Slupe says:

    yes please

  141. Llama City says:


  142. Blair R says:

    Maybe reverse psychology will work… Don’t pick me!

  143. Nick Schmidt says:

    I’d like a MakerBot for Christmas.


  144. pete_hardie says:

    ok, I’ve let the first 3 pass…..

  145. Richard Holmes says:

    Nullam scelerisque scelerisque diam eget auctor. Donec pretium dignissim nunc sed vehicula. Vivamus turpis mauris, porta ut facilisis ut, mollis eu sapien. Nam sodales sollicitudin pharetra. Sed vehicula fermentum rutrum. Pellentesque dolor nunc, elementum id pellentesque et, vehicula ut felis. Maecenas dapibus augue nec sem porttitor nec congue ligula bibendum. Nam mattis, sem eu facilisis facilisis, orci nisl sodales nisl, vitae consectetur lacus erat quis risus. Curabitur purus orci, faucibus vitae consectetur at, aliquet non ante. Phasellus urna nisi, porta a pulvinar in, ultrices cursus lorem. Praesent pellentesque ipsum eget risus cursus et porta dui vestibulum.

  146. Anonymous says:

    O, please, please, please…

  147. Salil Phadnis says:

    So want !!!

  148. Marianna Allen says:

    I’m only doing this because my husband asked me to. See what a good wife I am?

  149. Robert Allen says:

    I need to make a replica rabbit’s foot so that I can win this!

  150. derek schulman says:

    do want!

  151. Michael Newman says:


  152. Justin Walker says:

    This will make a nice christmas.

  153. C says:

    Would love to make my son’s year!

  154. Luis Lopez-Garcia says:


  155. Anonymous says:


  156. Jacob Laha says:

    Man, still hoping to win one of these.

  157. Anonymous says:

    I want NOW.

  158. Jon says:

    I love swimin’ with the bow legged women

  159. Steve C says:

    Sign me… again…. so want one!

  160. Anonymous says:

    Daddy wants a Thing-O-Matic for Christmas!

  161. Seven Sevenx says:

    8( only one more chance to win one after this

  162. Cory McWilliams says:

    I want to make all the things.

  163. Ryan Newman says:


  164. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for considering me. GO GO MakerBot!

  165. Zach McDowell says:

    I want one of these so badly!

  166. spudman says:

    I am entering this giveaway with eager anticipation of winning.  I will be expecting an email tomorrow indicating I have won.  I will be crying tomorrow afternoon when I realize that my wining email was sent to someone else.  Then I will enter tomorrows giveaway with eager anticipation of winning.  I wonder if this is how a 555 timer feels inside.

  167. Erik Keilholtz says:

    We have some great projects planned for this!

  168. Anonymous says:

    … comment … complete.

  169. archmac says:

    can’t win if you don’t enter

  170. Steve Schroeder says:

    4th Time is a Charm?  Maybe.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this one!

  171. Jay Summet says:

    Yes please.

  172. Tim Oliver says:

    Wish I had one of these for my metal casting group, would make pattern building SO much easier!

  173. jesco w says:

    id love one please sign me up!

  174. Bill Kronholm says:

    Yes please!

  175. Richard Lord says:

    Winning this would MAKE my year!

  176. Russell Stetzer says:

    Fourth time is the charm?

  177. Randy Keeling says:

    Jumping up and down screaming “Pick Me” like a know it all nerd in science class. :-)

  178. Vjekoslav Blagovic says:

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

  179. Adam Wolf says:

    Third try’s the charm!

  180. Michael O'Crowley says:

    i don’t know what I would do with this but I wants it.

  181. Don Wennick says:

    Thing me!

  182. Mike Vealey says:

    Oh Pu-LEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ let me win.

  183. Michael Cook says:

    I’m in.

  184. Eric Merrill says:

    Oh, me please.

  185. Jonathan Zornow says:

    I want MakerBot
    To print many useless things
    That I must have now

  186. Alan Zubatch says:

    The ability to print dog-toys and home fixes and …..

  187. Anonymous says:


  188. Anonymous says:


  189. Matthew Moore says:

    No Wammies, No Wammies, No Wammies, STOP.

  190. Matthew Beldyk says:

    Hope I win.

  191. Robert says:

    Yay! Another makerbot! I hope this one is destined to find its way to my door.

  192. Robert Skutinsky says:

    This would be great to start 2012 off with.

  193. Bart Hays says:

    on knees praying to ALL pagan gods good bad and ugly.

  194. Anonymous says:

    We would LOVE one, thank you!

  195. Jesse Krembs says:

    This will look pretty nice in the new Lab B hackerspace!

  196. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this time?

  197. brady wang says:

    i want this

  198. Jacob Hench says:

    3D printer! Huzzah.

  199. Thomas E. Logan says:

    Please sirs moar makerbot

  200. Jason Meserve says:

    Come on, Daddy wants a MakerBot for Christmas.

  201. Josh Ripley says:


  202. Thomas Sutter says:

    Perfect way to start evil laboratory… bwa haha

  203. Eric Sullenberger says:

    I really want this.

  204. Anonymous says:

    Fingers crossed!

  205. Nicholas Limparis says:

    Me me pick me! would be awesome for me a my daughter to play with!

  206. Joseph Pitz says:

    count me in again.

  207. Radek Wierzbicki says:

    MakerBot for Xmas! That’s what I want!

  208. Liz Rea says:

    I would like it please :)

  209. Alex Gemkow says:

    “No words…should have sent…a poet”

  210. Chris Maury says:

    The first thing I would do is print another printer…

  211. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I want this.

  212. Chris Zukowski says:

    Would be super stoked to win this. So would my kids.

  213. Duncan MacCannell says:

    Make my day?

  214. Clay Christian says:

    It’s all I could ever wish for and more!

  215. Steven List says:

    Another Chance to win!!!

  216. David Weier says:

    Ooo!! I want one!!!

  217. Anonymous says:

    Pick me!

  218. Kimberly Moore says:

    pick me!!!!!

  219. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate this opportunity to step my Maker game up a few notches.

  220. Greg Treseder says:

    Even Santa wants one of these!

  221. Robert Templeton says:

    Would love to have one.

  222. Philip Lexow says:

    Another Thing-O-matic giveaway?! Oh my!

  223. Anonymous says:

    Another Bot!

  224. Craig Corbin says:

    Make me complete!

  225. Angus Hines III says:

    gotta have it Gotta have it Gotta have it !!!! I WIN !!! 

  226. Stephen Edwards says:

    Please oh Please! I would love to have one!

  227. Ryan says:

    So many things to print!

  228. Alex Gemkow says:

    “No words…should have sent…a poet”

  229. John Robillard says:

    Help me make my Make dreams come true.

  230. Kenneth Keen says:

    This time, please?

  231. N Rhodes says:

    So Awesome!!

  232. Kory Bricker says:

    Pick Me

  233. todd paoletti says:

    would LOVE to have one of these under my tree this year. Keep up the great work MAKE!

  234. Travis Swaim says:

    I’d looovvve to smell melting plastic that I didn’t do with my soldering iron.

  235. Jace Ferguson says:

    Maybe I’ll get lucky with this one!

  236. Jim S says:

    4th time is the charm?

  237. Chris Meringolo says:

    I wish to build bigger boards and bigger nails….

  238. Chris Bellizzi says:

    This would be fun.

  239. Geoff Faulkner says:

    Super sweeet!

  240. Eric Dykstra says:

    I’d like one, please!

  241. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got my toes crossed, too – about the only time I’m glad to have 6 toes….

  242. James says:

    I want one!

  243. R Nepsund says:

    Me Me   :-)

  244. Alex Gemkow says:

    “No words…should have sent…a poet”

  245. Matt Campbell says:

    Ooo, one of those would make an awesome present!  (for me)

  246. Matt Reiner says:

    It’s so fluffy!

  247. Samuel Beeker says:

    But if I had a MakerBot

    I’ll tell you what it’d do
    It would print “TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!”
    Just like it’s owner used to do

    Sidenote: I got to Georgia Tech. I don’t mean to start anything, it was just the first thing I thought of.

  248. Anonymous says:

    This is the one. I can feel it.

  249. Anonymous says:

    This would be AWESOME!

  250. David Tucker says:

    Hope I win!

  251. Anonymous says:

    I want it. :-)

  252. pragmaticyankee says:

    I sure would love this in my stocking!

  253. James Harrod says:

    Fourth time’s a charm! First thing I’ll do is print out Settlers of Catan pieces.

  254. John Biehler says:

    Please Santa!

  255. Anonymous says:


  256. Francis Szalay says:

    Holy crap! WAAAAANT!

  257. Anonymous says:

    I can only imagine what we could do with this thing-o-matic!!

  258. Andrew Wilson says:

    I would love one!

  259. Ray Renner says:

    Ahh, the things I could print/make.

  260. Anthony says:

    Dear Santa…

  261. Shawn Evans says:


  262. Russ Jarowski says:

    Go ahead, MakerBot my day!

  263. Bryan Duxbury says:

    Man, I would like this printer.

  264. Tim Pettigrew says:


  265. Justin Gasal says:

    I’ve got about 50 projects line up for this already!

  266. purplehayz says:

    I <3 you guys – I've still got a MIDI Air to assemble (at least the kit is now in the open and not in a box). Rock on!

  267. Mary Tsien says:

    Awesome architectural models!

  268. Mauricio Montel says:

    I need one of these

  269. Susan Stahl says:

    Try, try again.

  270. Mike Nappo says:

    Another day another entry

  271. Alex Franke says:

    I’m in!

  272. Steve Custer says:

    This would make my Christmas!

  273. Zack Yoscovits says:

    Awesome, I’d love to have one of these

  274. Nick Heine says:

    Come on MakerBot! Daddy needs a new pair of rapid prototyped shoes!

  275. Sam Ewen says:


  276. Chip says:

    Please please please please please!

  277. Anonymous says:

    I would love to have one of these!!!!

  278. Seán Schauseil says:

    Making things is hard
    I need a machine to help

  279. Matthew Davoli says:

    I’ve held off on the giveaways til now, but I’m a sucker for laser cut birch. :)

  280. Richard Bowers says:

    me 2.

  281. Tom James says:

    I would so very much love to have one of these, winning will be the only way though.

  282. Jarrod Sears says:

    Want! This would be awesome

  283. Dave Mueller says:

    Yes, please?

  284. Zack Muniz says:

    Cross my fingers on this one

  285. Bryan says:

    I wonder what useful doohickies I could make with this?  The mind boggles…

  286. Justin Forposting says:

    oh geez, my brain is so excited about the possibility of winning this that I cannot think of anything else to type.  

  287. Declan Shanaghy says:

    Pick me, pick me

  288. James Jurack says:

    Submission, er… submitted.

  289. Stuart Broz says:

    A Comment

  290. Anonymous says:

    1. Acquire makerbot.
    2. Use makerbot to create additional makerbots.
    3. Unleash army of makerbots
    4. Show them; show them all.

  291. John T says:

    Very nice

  292. Brad Kairdolf says:

    4th time’s the charm?

  293. Danny Zinck says:

    Am I going to have to bust out the chicken bones this time?

  294. Wildseyed Cabrer says:

    OK.  I guess if you give it away, I’ll take it :)

  295. Anonymous says:

    More like Thing-O-Matic amirite? ..what? That’s what it’s called?  Oh.

  296. Anonymous says:

    Really, really, really, really, really, really want!

  297. Paul Long says:

    Please. Please. Please.

  298. Peter S. May says:

    [licks MakerBot] Mine now. My germs.

  299. Anonymous says:

    , want
    , want
    , want
    , want
    , want
    , want
    , want. :)

  300. David Kavanagh says:

    make my 3d printer a thing-o-matic! (please!)

  301. August M Deshais says:


  302. Martin Jameson says:


  303. Matthew Van Gent says:

    I hope i win! i need a 3d Printer!

  304. Jonathan Pruett says:

    this would be so AWESOME to win!!

  305. Anonymous says:

    Nice! The kids and I would never leave the workshop. 

  306. Matt Tuttle says:

    i can already think of a ton of things i would print if i won this

  307. Brittany Wilson says:

    Attempt #3 (because I somehow missed one of the giveaways. Hmm). 

  308. Trevor Shaw says:

    Only one more chance after this. Come on, MAKE! Send it my way. 

  309. Trond Suleng says:

    Things.. I like things.

  310. Anonymous says:

    I want this so badly.

  311. Anonymous says:

    Yes, please!

  312. Jason Hitesman says:

    So many things I’d love to do with one of these!

  313. alan baumbusch says:

    i would put this to immediate use. unh.

  314. Peter Fleck says:

    Ready to enter the future of printing

  315. Anonymous says:

    yes please.

  316. Anonymous says:

    Yes please.

  317. Dan Carroll says:


  318. Anonymous says:

    This would make a great Christmas present!!!

  319. Phillip Prestia says:

    If only I could win….

  320. David Hagn says:

    Long odds but worth it ;)

  321. James R. says:

    An awesome prize!

  322. Michael McSpadden says:

    Make all the things!

  323. Anonymous says:

    Let me make things!

  324. Gene H says:

    I want one!

  325. Anonymous says:

    (Crossing fingers so hard they are cramping)

  326. Jameson Dungan says:

    OMG I would LOVE ONE!!!  I would print my own robot pieces!!

  327. Rob says:

    One of these would go a long way towards helping me in my quest to take over the world! Well, at least make my cubicle way cooler…

  328. Chris Aschliman says:

    Help me prove to my wife that I need one of these!!

  329. Anonymous says:


  330. Anonymous says:

    This would make our whole year!!

  331. Rick c. says:

    I shall love it and hug it and squeeze it to death…

  332. Casey Borders says:

    Yes Please!!

  333. Levi Mefford says:

    Would so love to win one of these.

  334. says:

    Good luck everyone… happy holidays…

  335. Anonymous says:

    I would like to be on the list!  Awesome!  Thanks so much!

  336. Michael Hagberg says:

    I’d have so much fun with one of these.

  337. Anonymous says:

    I want one!

  338. David Henson says:

    With this I can RECREATE the world!

  339. Anonymous says:

    Still want one… :D

  340. Charles Haase says:

    Want, want, want!

  341. Tristan Bachran says:

    Must. Make.Things!

  342. Anonymous says:

    The vandals stole the handle.

  343. Kurt Or LaZann Eilander says:

    This giveaway is like “Tickle Me Elmo” for geeks.
    MOMMY, I MUST HAVE IT!!!  Waaaaaaaaaa!

  344. Matthew Craver says:

    Would be nice to get

  345. Carl Rauscher says:

    Can this machine make a key?  I mean, that sort of thing could be real useful right now… oops, got to go before the orderly comes back around.

  346. Dennis M. Lasko says:


  347. Anonymous says:

    I want to print blue bunnies too!

  348. Stephen Piper says:

    very cool

  349. Dean Segovis says:

    Dear Santa…. :)

  350. Gary Dion says:


  351. Joshua Heffner says:

    This is a haiku.
    But it’s not all that good, see.

  352. Thomas Iota says:

    Please lemme havez it.  I’ll share w/ my kids… and my friend… and my friend’s kids!!

  353. Jonathan Reynolds says:


  354. Suzie Lee says:

    Still trying…

  355. James Willing says:

    “Robots making robots…  How perverse!”
    – – C3PO

  356. Brandi says:

    Ah, this would be a joy to win.

  357. Chris Sturgill says:

    Top o’ the wishlist

  358. Joe Hagan says:

    this would be too cool

  359. I.d. Miller says:

    Oh 3d christmas tree oh 3d christmas tree….

  360. Pete Pierpont says:

    Is it just me, or does that blue bunny look a little evil?

  361. Anonymous says:

    Fourth time’s a charm…?

  362. Nathaniel Hartman says:

    woohoo, maybe today is my lucky day?

  363. Dan says:

    must have

  364. mark whaite says:

    want want want

  365. Sam Schreiber says:

    3d printer!

  366. Anonymous says:

    It’s the gift that keeps on giving!  Thanks.

  367. Matt Silvia says:


  368. Anonymous says:

    Pick me! I would have a lot of fun with this!

  369. Jim Mitchell says:

    I am the God of Hellfire.  Pick me and you may live.

  370. Keith McCorvie says:

    I need this to start my miniature clone army. 

  371. Patrick Wiseman says:

    Yikes, I want one!  But the odds lengthen ….

  372. James Davis says:

    This would make a cool Christmas present!

  373. Michael Di Domenico says:

    Feeling lucky…

  374. Vincent Forgione says:

    ….there must be a way to have random things happen to me :)  At any rate, I hope whoever gets picked remembers to use their MakerBot wisely :)

  375. Anonymous says:

    I’m running out of MakerBot Thing-O-Matics to win, here…

  376. Jonathan Schemoul says:

    _This_ is what I want ! :)

  377. Justin Pye says:

    Please please please!

  378. Stache says:

    This would make a great gift!

  379. Dolphin Hawkins says:

    make make make make

  380. Colin Faulkingham says:

    Dear Santa,

    Please send me a Makerbot.

    Thanks! – Colin

  381. Rob M Truesdale says:


  382. Gary Oshust says:

    Please oh please Santa send me a MakerBot! :)

  383. William Donohue says:

    One last chance for a MakerBot – need to print up those custom Festivus ornaments!

  384. Russell Bakewell says:

    give it to me please

  385. Brian Nelson says:

    I will print myself a victory trophy.

  386. Duncan Domingue says:

    A 3d printer sure would help heal the damage I just caused my parents by our argument.

  387. Bubba Harmon says:

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

  388. Anonymous says:

    Pretty please with sugar on top….?

  389. adam thielsen says:

    This sure would be swell!

  390. Andy Rawson says:

    Happy Hogswatch everybody!

  391. Greg Williams says:

    Can I get it in time for Christmas?

  392. Anonymous says:

    All i want for Christmas is a MakerBot!

  393. Albert Straub says:


  394. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this is my big chance to win something!!

  395. Anonymous says:

    Worth a shot

  396. Christian Carl Brink says:


  397. Joel Finkle says:

    Please, Santa, I’ve been good!

  398. Andrew Huggins says:

    Heck yes, you should definitely pick me

  399. Cory McCluskey says:

    You can’t win if you don’t enter.

  400. Teresa Liao says:

    Me me please!

  401. Stefano Ambro Caso says:

    I hope that this time is the right one

  402. Everett Feldt says:


  403. Ibrahim Guven says:

    yes please.

  404. Anonymous says:

    This would be the greatest christmas present ever!

  405. Dan Pollack says:

    It will be fun to print toys.

  406. VanTiki says:

    Please please please Santa!  I want to print up some interlocking ceramic tiles!

  407. Tim Kemp says:

    I would love one of these.

  408. Björn Runåker says:


  409. Jay Graves says:

    MB ToM FTW!

  410. Erik Karasyk says:

    Tea, Earl Gray, Hot.

  411. Ivan Judson says:

    I wish I may, I wish I might, how very autocratic
    Boy how I want a whizz bang thing-o-matic.

  412. Anonymous says:

    It will go towards a good cause.

  413. Michael Richey says:


  414. Brian Berry says:

    I need one!

  415. Jerry Ma says:

    hope is in the air.

  416. Peter Walker says:

    me me me

  417. Nathan Brown says:

    Soon, I shall be the ruler of all. That is, if I get lucky.

  418. Anonymous says:

    Thing-O-Matics for everyone!

  419. Bill Shocknesse says:

    Winning would make my year!

  420. Mark Young says:

    I like.

  421. Johnnie Blevins says:

    Makerbots are cool,
    I would appreciate one
    with which to make things

  422. Jeff Hanson says:

    I’ll take one, please!

  423. Christin Boyd says:

    I want one of these so badly!  There’s a nice one at the hackerspace I frequent, but I would like one of you very own.  And I’ll pet him and love him and call him george.

  424. Anonymous says:

    This would be so awsome!

  425. Keith Nelson says:


  426. Matthew Coleman says:

    this is on my christmas list.

  427. Kirt Stanke says:

    Kids keep breaking my stuff.  Please send MakerBot!  :D

  428. Denise Van Ryzin says:

    Really, really, really would be a great present for my husband!

  429. Anonymous says:

    woot woot

  430. Anonymous says:

    Pick me!

  431. Michael Andrews says:

    Second to last Chance.

  432. Anonymous says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner?

  433. Chris Krueger says:

    Is today the day?

  434. Anonymous says:

    WOW another chance to win!

  435. Pierre-Olivier Gaillard says:

    This machine seems magical.

  436. Erik Lundberg says:

    I want this.

  437. Ingred Chamberlin says:

    Oh, I would love this!

  438. Anonymous says:

    Thing-O-Matic, how I lust after thee.  Yet, nay, mine finances art lacking.

  439. Anonymous says:


  440. tonyvr says:

    make me a maker

  441. Matthew Simicsak says:

    Count me in.

  442. Jay Balmer says:


  443. Anonymous says:

    Let’s give this one more try!

  444. Jim Emery says:

    Wow, this would be fantastic!

  445. douglas weiss says:

    You are running out of opportunities to give me one of these. You best act now before it is too late.

  446. Ryan Sargent says:

    ugh i want this so bad

  447. Dwayne Fuhlhage says:

    My children can’t live without this.

  448. Peggy Williams says:

    My grandson would LOVE to have this.  He’s a great inventor!!

  449. Dave Barrett says:

    That Blue Rabbit is taunting me.

  450. Anonymous says:

    Do want do want do want do want do want!

  451. Nick Bontrager says:

    Hope i win!

  452. Philip Strong says:

    Yes please!

  453. Ross Graeber says:

    ♫ Making Christmas
    Time to give them something fun
    They’ll talk about fir yeas to come
    Let’s have a cheer from everyone. It’s time to party
    Making Christmas, making Christmas ♪

  454. Eric Lofgren says:

    Lots of comments today already. Add mine to the drawing!

  455. Bill Peck says:

    Make me a winner

  456. Anonymous says:

    My grandson would love this!!!

  457. thatmatt says:

    I need this to make some Xmas gifts.

  458. George Stuart says:

    YES YES I am feeling this one!

  459. Anonymous says:


  460. Tim McBrayer says:

    One more try.

  461. Nathaniel Quillin says:

    Extrude me a Christmas tree! PS. It’s my birthday too and I have a circuits final.

  462. Brian Ali Harding says:

    This time . . . 

  463. Eric Wetzel says:

    Come on, baby! Papa needs a new extruded plastic dingus!

  464. Chris Crane says:

    make me a makerbot please.

  465. Gary Neal says:

    Crossing fingers… less than an hour and 450+ entries.

  466. Anonymous says:


  467. David Moore says:

    Totally trying again. I would be a fool not to!

  468. Anonymous says:

    Count me in!!!

  469. Kyle Morgan says:

    Humbug! They say I have a heart two sizes too small, but if I had a Makerbot, it would grow three times larger! ‘grumble’ … Humbug!

  470. Max Brown says:

    I’m already happy but this would really flush me out.

  471. Sheila says:

    Pick me please.

  472. Bryon Simon says:

    I would make you something if you picked me.

    (Yes that was a bribe)

  473. Adric M says:

    Perhaps I will be lucky for once!

  474. Genise Pearce says:

    *chants* Makerbot! Makerbot!

  475. Yatzik Krupak says:

    third time is a charm 

  476. Timothy Benson says:

    There’s no way I can lose!

  477. Jonathan Scott says:


  478. James Brown says:

    Does want, wife would kill me but dont care

  479. Giuseppe Simone says:

    Mabye christmas will come early

  480. michael tilstra says:

    I would like one please.

  481. Victor Putz says:


  482. Joy Marie Foust Colburn says:

    Pick me!!!

  483. Matt Stiger says:

    I would love for this to make my day!

  484. Nick Moomaw says:

    Please Please Please 
    It will aid in my plan to take over the world

  485. RDB RDB says:

    booyah i’d love me a makerbot

  486. Randy Scott says:


  487. Sjors Liem says:

    Sweet 3d

  488. Matt G says:

    4th time’s the charm!!!

  489. Noam DePlume says:

    It can make anything, even another 3-D printer!

    In other news, my hands are so big they can touch everything except themselves. Ooop. Wait…

  490. Anonymous says:

    Whoop whoop -doin the maker-bot rain dance!!!!

  491. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to have amakerbot. 

  492. Deborah Bodinger says:

    I’m pretty sure I need this.

  493. Redbird says:

    Ooh! Ooh! This is what I really, really want!! Oh please oh please oh please… :-)

  494. Kyle Rankin says:

    Here’s hoping today’s my lucky day!

  495. Deborah Bodinger says:

    I’m pretty sure I need this.

  496. Jo H says:

    my son bought a 3D print sculpture for his wife for christmas…he really needs this to make one of his own!

  497. Grant Sharpe says:

    Yay, MakerBot Giveaways!

  498. Luke Guildner says:

    It would be AWESOME to win this! :)

  499. Steve Joiner says:

    Sure would love one of these.

  500. Justin Brooks says:

    two chances left and I can only win one of them, so its a 50/50 chance I win this, right?

  501. Greg Chaney says:

    What a fine addition to my worshop this would be.  Santa, please add this to my Christmas list!

  502. Tracey Carlson says:

    This is like getting Santa’s Workshop, so many ideas and that’s only with the hope of winning

  503. Ktulu says:

    I need this. Do you understand? NEED!

  504. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to have a makerbot. I’m planning to teach my kids some 3D modeling this year, and it would be really fun for them to be able to make toys and models.

  505. says:

    Feeling lucky!

  506. David Compton says:

    Please please please!!!

  507. Anonymous says:

    YES! YES! YES!

  508. Joy Rankin says:

    Please let me be able to give one to my husband.

  509. Michael Goodness says:

    Hit me!

  510. Anonymous says:


  511. Anonymous says:

    Woohoo!!! Makerbots! Hmm 3D printed minions… Yeah I like that idea!!

  512. Ossie Vali says:

    Please Please Gods of Make! make this Christmas a holiday to remember!

  513. Anonymous says:

    i have always wanted one of these,  it was love at first sight

  514. Crow Dojo says:

    Well 4th times the charm right?

  515. vermilionink says:

    Thing-o-Matic! It would be the greatest xmasbirthday present in the land!

  516. Gregor Glawitsch says:

    Wow, I’m really wishing I’d win one of these. I have seen them in action at the MakerFaire. Awesome.

  517. Robert Gusek says:

    *makes an offering to the Maker Gods*

  518. Casey Nielson says:

    Can’t you just use this one to print up a thousand more and give them to everyone?

  519. Anonymous says:

    I want to make a monkey to love

  520. duncancreamer says:

    Please and thank you.

  521. Dan O'Brien says:

    I wonder if my Google+ privacy settings will prevent them from telling me I’ve won? 

  522. Valentin Ivanov says:

    #4 of 5 May be this time I will be lucky :)

  523. Karim Bahai says:

    I really need this to complete my collection of neon green garden gnomes!

  524. Vrmithrax says:

    Oh, I have sooooo many things that I want to make!  Enter me!

  525. says:

    Feeling lucky!

  526. Luke Schaefer says:

    I want one!

  527. Rob Colby says:

    Please, I’ve been very good this yea… mont… wee..  Well, Ok, I was good while typing this…?

  528. Adam Schuster says:

    i’m no good at haikus.

  529. Dennis Ames says:

    Hoping to see my name tomorrow.

  530. Christopher Macy says:

    I want this.

  531. Mi Yew says:


  532. Ed Ostling says:

    Do want! I have like 20 projects that could could use this peice of kit

    Also i promise to share :)

  533. James Marshall says:

    Fingers crossed!

  534. BlueFerret says:

    Saw one of these at Maker Faire.  Would rock to have!

  535. Andrea says:

    I could use this MakerBot.

  536. Don Mechsner says:

    really want to win something

  537. Anonymous says:

    Make me a new brain

  538. Nick Bonzey says:

    Yes please.

  539. Anonymous says:

    I promise only to use this for good…

  540. Scott McCain says:

    Fourth try?  I just read that Sparkfun got one of these.  I so want one, please Santa, I was good this year.

  541. Doug Johnston says:

    I’ve always wanted a makerbot!

  542. Anonymous says:

    I need this for my tiny, tiny factory.

  543. Tony Wilson says:

    I want to win!

  544. Anonymous says:

    Please, I have a business idea to print scifi themed sex-toys.

  545. Anonymous says:


  546. Robert Stanich says:

    Love to have it.

  547. catherine strassman says:

    luck be a lady tonight! happy holidays!

  548. Ed XXXXX says:

    Looks like it would be an interesting project. My fingers are crossed.

  549. Anonymous says:

    Yes please!  

  550. Mike Douglas says:

    Wow. Wow. Just wow. OK, maybe not just…I can’t believe they’re giving one of these away. Sheer sweetness. I’ll take one (please).

  551. Jeff Kramer says:

    Can haz printer?

  552. Thomas Sparks says:

    Maybe this time will be the time I win!  Otherwise, I’m saving up for one.

  553. Chris Willhoite says:

    Fingers, toes, eyebrows all crossed. Must win the awsome.

  554. Anoop Rajendra says:

    Makerception – The movie about a Maker making makers for making makers

  555. Rolan Yang says:

    Would love to have one. Santa please, please!

  556. Alex Rossell says:

    fingers crossed

  557. Anonymous says:

    This would be great!!! I could definitely use this for my robotics club at school!  I teach 6-8 grade science… I could also use this to create models to help explain concepts in life and physical science.

  558. Iris G. Irison says:

    Saw this at the Maker Faire and loved it. Be pretty awesome to win one.

  559. Jeremy Jorgensen says:

    I like making comments!

  560. Eric Gero says:

    Count me in!

  561. Jenn Forager says:

    I’m in! Me, please, me!

  562. Matthew Thouvenot says:

    May I have one? or twenty?  Pleeeeeeease?

  563. Chad Lovelace says:

    I wanna build — something!! would love this !!

  564. Louise Hansford says:

    Enter me too! It would be cool to have one of these and I can see my kids having a blast with it too!

  565. Anonymous says:

    What an awesome kit!!

  566. Stuart Guarnieri says:

    Oh man, I’d love to have it!

  567. Anonymous says:


  568. Darrell Johnson says:

    Yay! bring on the MakerBot!

  569. John Jetmore says:


  570. Chaitanya Pratiwada says:

    My roommate would love this. His grad school research involves some aspects of this and he is fascinated. !! Hope its me. Makes a christmas present

  571. Thom Edwards says:

    Pick me!

  572. Mym says:

    Yes please.

  573. keith corcoran says:

    oh the things i would make.

  574. Craig LeBaron says:

    Come on Makerbot! Daddy needs a new pair of 3d printed shoes!

  575. Derek Reed Martin says:


  576. Mike B says:

    If I win this we can skip the other 11 days of Christmas :-)

  577. Philip Kim says:

    This will MAKE my day to be able to MAKE all of the 3-D printable things I see in MAKE!

  578. Brad Silvernale says:

    Yay.. another thing to enter and never win

  579. Anonymous says:

    Please! there are only so many more days left and Ive yet to win anything.

  580. Christopher Favreau says:

    Oh man… number 4.  Only one left after this.   This is so awesome having the opportunity to have chance to win any of this great stuff!

  581. Evan Burr says:

    C’mon Santa, lemme win this MakerBot!

  582. Lorie Ann says:

    I’m gonna have to throw my name in this hat again. After much discussion, its been decided that a Thing-O-Matic is something our eclectic learning center really needs.

  583. Anonymous says:

    See, I know what’s going on here.

    I keep entering and not winning because MAKE wants me to believe I’m not getting it, just like when I was a kid and I really wanted something for Christmas and my parents were all “we can’t afford that one thing that you really, really want more than anything else” but still magically I would wind up with it under the tree, sometimes, though I never got that pony or working light saber.

    When I win this and I am going to win it, I’ll finally be able to print my own Christmas presents, and maybe Hanukkah presents too–and Kwanzaa, why not–and no one will ever break my heart again and if they do I’ll just print a new one.

  584. David Schick says:

    I built more gears for him, pa rum pum pum pum 
    The PLA did flow, pa rum pum pum pum,
    rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,

  585. Brad Isdrab says:

    the things I could do with that printer…

  586. Gwenivere McCourry says:

    I hope I win!

  587. Anonymous says:

    Hope… it’s that time of year!

  588. warren vosper says:

    If I win it, I will mint it.

  589. Ethan Dicks says:

    4th time’s the charm!

  590. Travis Martin says:


  591. Liana Seda says:

    That looks awesome, crossing my fingers

  592. Anonymous says:

    please oh please oh please

  593. Anonymous says:

    Third time’s a charm!?!?

  594. Mike Stackhouse says:

    Forth time a charm…..

  595. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win this! 

  596. A DLF says:

    I wish, I wish, I WISH with all my might!

  597. Sharon Koontz says:

    I want!  Please?

  598. Brian McQueen says:

    First entry in one of these giveaways!

  599. Ryan Pourcillie says:

    Attempt number four. Here’s hoping…

  600. Andy Leith says:

    I am ready to make Thing one and thing two… and thing 3,45,6,etc….

  601. Anonymous says:

    Kids and I would go crazy over this!

  602. Brian Gaut says:

    Dear Make, For Christmas I would like a hula hoop, a Red Ryder BB Gun, and a Makerbot Thing-O-Matic.

    …preferably the thingomatic ;)

  603. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take one!

  604. Chad Scheiter says:

    I’d certainly like to have this, just like everyone else it seems

  605. Elliott Brecht says:

    So Many Comments so quickly, Everyone gets excited about the MakerBot

  606. Anonymous says:

    Baby needs a 3d printer

  607. fluxivit y says:

    oh yes. it shall be mine.

  608. Jonathan Danforth says:

    Fingers crossed!  I’d love to have a MakerBot!

  609. Ryan Passarelli says:

    OH pleasepleasepleaseplease!

  610. Bryan Alff says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these.  I’ve also enjoyed reading makezine over the last two years. 

  611. Michael Masterson says:

    oops, I did not mean to post twice, I’m sorry!

  612. Michael Masterson says:

    oh, me me me me me me!

  613. Gabe Heath says:

    Oh yeah, I’ve got to win this.

  614. Brian Davis says:

    Have been considering a 3D printer for a while, Now’s my chance….

  615. Jeff Hanson says:

    Yes, please!

  616. Peter Howell says:

    Hmmm.  What would be my first print?….

  617. Anonymous says:

    This would be an awesome start of Christmas week for me!

  618. krys evans says:

    Fourth time’s a charm.

  619. Viktor Getmanchuk says:

    i want one, but i kind of wish they’d be going to educators instead…

  620. John Hattan says:


  621. August Nehring says:

    I can only hope I’ll be printing in 3d with this soon…

  622. Allen Boehm says:

    Alright I’m hitting”print” now..

  623. Mark Payton says:

    Definitely in for this one! So many things to make, so little time…

  624. Anders Howard says:

    I would like to make things with this thing.

  625. Tom Messick says:


  626. James Bremenour says:

    I’m impressed that there are still two of these available to win.  This giveaway has been long and generous; quite heartwarming.

  627. Anonymous says:

    Maybe maybe!

  628. Matt Schott says:

    We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.

  629. Janejira cervone says:

    Santa, I’ve been really great this year!  Pleasssssssssssssssse, send me a 3D printer!!

  630. John Voorhees says:

    Yay! Makerbot!

  631. Will Harrison says:


  632. The dave says:

    Realizing their is no such thing as a toy solder station for toddlers i need me a maker bot so i can build my toddler a toy solder station.  Please o please!!!!

  633. Schubert Villanueva says:

    OOH, Pick Me Pick Me, please

  634. George B Kingsley III says:


  635. Barbara Shideler says:

    My son’s middle-school could really benefit from this Maker Bot…. please pick us!

  636. David Pritchard says:

    Come to Papa, you sweet little Thing-O-Matic !!!

  637. Anonymous says:


  638. Sandy Bradfield says:

    Winning this would be totally awesome, but our family is trying to get one for my granddaughter’s middle school.  The kids are really into robotics & this would make a fantastic addition to their lab.

  639. Michael Campbell says:

    I would love to get this for christmas. It make my year

  640. Ann Yin says:

    I want to win! Pretty, pretty please with Thingies on top!!!

  641. Nilit Muley says:

    This thing looks amazing!

  642. Anonymous says:

    Make Make Make for the Holidays! 

  643. Jean-Paul Cardier says:

    O sign me up now! Want, want badly ;)

  644. Charles England says:

    Hi I am random, please draw me.

  645. nathan mouton says:

    it would be nice to have one.

  646. Michael Johnson says:

    ENTRY…please…this would look really cool at my son’s high school engineering class.

  647. Derek Rowe says:

    Is a 3-D printer, like, the coolest thing ever?

  648. Eric Keaton says:

    Odds are already tight but I keep hoping

  649. Christine Banfield says:

    Luv it!!

  650. Luis Benavides says:

    Makerbot, you complete me!

  651. Ryan D'Agostino says:

    How about me?!?

  652. Mike Burr says:

    Definitely want one of those to make replacement parts for obsolete DME. 

  653. S.R. Wild says:

    I like this very much.

  654. Anonymous says:

    please please me

  655. Bart Patrzalek says:

    maybe this time ill get lucky

  656. Rob Hendrix says:

    Merry Christmas all!

  657. Jessica Marie Carrier says:

    I Soo Want This!

  658. Anonymous says:

    Four out of Five winners prefer winning the #4 of 5  MakerBot Thing-O-Matics.

  659. Jacob Hanshaw says:

    Oh the things I could make… I want it!

  660. Anonymous says:

    Like a broken record, here we are again, hoping to be the chosen one.

  661. Chris Hunt says:

    Pick me!

  662. Anonymous says:

    Yes, please.

  663. Michael Zions says:

    I hope to be able to print bunnies from my desk soon.

  664. Aaron Edwards says:

    No Whammies,  No Whammies, No Whammies, STOP!

  665. Art Jury says:

    cool the boys and I would love this.  Robots in our future. 

  666. Peter Natale says:

    please please please please please!!!

  667. Robert Menes says:

    Thing-O-Matic kit,
    Molding plastic bits for me,
    Chunk-a chunk-a chuck.

  668. James Hollowell says:

    I would LOVE this!

  669. johngineer says:

    yes, please!

  670. ciferkey says:

    This would be so amazing to win!

  671. Francis Ziegler says:

    All I can say: I hope I win. :o)

  672. Ben Swanson says:

    I want a robot that can make other robots

  673. Pete Prodoehl says:

    My car broke, my hard drive died, I just cut my hand… I could use something good today! :/

  674. Joseph Mani says:

    Hope I’m lucky.

  675. Adam Wood says:

    Make Rabbits?

  676. Chris Dillon says:

    Please save me the trouble of buying one later.

  677. Robb Archigian says:

    I’m a conventional machinist / instrument maker by trade. when i switched careers 5 years ago, i kept my conventional machines. i’m “_that_ guy”– you know, the one that makes all his own shit. i haven’t bought a new tool or piece of equipment in 1o years. everything i pick up is second or third hand and i refurbish it myself. most times, by making my own parts. i want to pass this down to my kids, but having a CNC machine at home is impractical, until now! this thing addresses all my concerns about CNC: ease of use, portability, practicality; and of course accuracy and repeatability! nicely made machine that i know the boys will love to learn on.

  678. EJ Strauss says:

    Wait–#4….?  I must have missed entering for one somewhere in the middle!  Oh noes!!

  679. Bram Lambrecht says:

    I must have this

  680. Donald Stahl says:

    MakerBot for the win!

  681. Jeremy Hochstein says:

    I would love one of these!

  682. Joseph Mani says:

    Hope I make it.

  683. Dan Hankin says:

    The web dev mgr in my office has one of these things, it’s pretty awesome.

  684. Michelle E says:

    I has access to a Cupcake model through a local hackerspace and I really want something with a bigger platform to make bigger cookies!  (Among other things.)  I would lurve a Thing-O-Matic sooooo much.  I would love it, and hug it, and call it “George”!

  685. Paul Krekel says:

    Me Want

  686. Rocky says:

    I can dig it

  687. Erin Britz says:

    if i had this, i could print some new christmas ornaments!!

  688. Mary Sanphilipo Ward says:

    Still trying to win one for my son.

  689. Scott Nopp says:

    So, 4 out of 5 — That means I have an 80% chance to win – right?  :-)

  690. Justin says:

    <— Winner

  691. Kristine Lee Bradner says:

    would make a wonderful gift for the man in my life!

  692. Channing Korth says:

    So much want…

  693. Ben Kasava says:

    Please o Please let me have that.

  694. Scott McClure says:

    Still want one!

  695. Kurt Pires says:

    I make therefore I am.

  696. Sean Fottrell says:

    Yum. 3-D printing.

  697. Chris Bradfield says:

    Try #4 – trying to win a Makerbot for my daughter’s middle school.  Let’s build some future Makers!

  698. Brian Kamen says:

    that would be nice at home

  699. Wayne Johnson says:

    I so desperately want one of these…. pick me! Pick me!

  700. Michael Nordstrom says:

    Would love to get one of these to work on some projects with my son!

  701. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh.. I would so like this… as my thoughts plickens…

  702. Brian Givens says:

    Okay, I can feel it. This time you’ll pick me!

  703. Anonymous says:

    Pick me pick me!!

  704. Anonymous says:

    With this I can make presents for everyone!

  705. Rik Wade says:

    I am win!

  706. Eric Wegesin says:

    Hat -> ring.

  707. Jerry Murray says:

    I am not even remotely above begging. Puh-lease lemme have it.

  708. Dan says:

    i want to make things.

  709. Robert Menes says:

    Thing-O-Matic Kit,
    Making plastic toys for me,
    Chunk-a chunk-a chunk.

  710. Jim Nichols says:

    I have not made something since my teens, this would be a great project!

  711. Anonymous says:

    maybe my fourth entry is lucky!

  712. Christi Grame says:

    OH MY!  My maker’s would go NUTS!

  713. Alka Ram Adams says:

    Imagine the possibilities.  Truly an Ultimate Kit!

  714. Anonymous says:


  715. Paul Stegall says:

    Thing-O-Matic Please

  716. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just got to win this!  Pick me!  Pick me!

  717. dschipman says:

    makerbot entry makerbot please makerbot pick me makerbot praying makerbot makerbot makerbot make me a winning entry!

  718. Anonymous says:

    Wow, the giveaways keep giving.

  719. M Lange says:

    Yes please!

  720. Rogelio Toledo says:

    Neat! I’ve wanted to use one of these for the longest time and would love to own one.

  721. Russell Cardullo says:

    I hope this will be the one!

  722. Anonymous says:

    Imm not going to get much for Christmas, so I really want something here.

  723. Kathy Johnson says:

    Don’t pick them, pick ME!

  724. James Park says:

    Please randomly select me.

  725. Teddy Reyling Devereux says:

    I love Make Magazine. 3D printing is awesome.

  726. John Schuch says:

    Yes Please!!

  727. Rand E says:

    I’ve got lots of great ideas, this would make them possible! :)

  728. Dan Etter says:

    I will make another Thing-O-Matic with my new Thing-O-Matic and give it back to MAKE so they can give it away again.

  729. Eric Friedrich says:

    pick me pick me

  730. Greg Kowalke says:

    Yay!  I’d be able to print replacements for all the parts I’ve broken while trying to build a RepRap!

  731. Chris McGranahan says:

    Want it! Want it! Pick me!

  732. Ethan Etnyre says:

    Oh yeah!

  733. Andy Mello says:


  734. James Heath says:

    OOOH please let me win today – our hackerspace would love one of these

  735. Anonymous says:

    Uhoh… almost the last chance to win one of those precious little MakerBots. Please let it be me this time :)

  736. Anonymous says:

    This would be epic!

  737. Pete Marchetto says:

    Man, this would be great for my local hackerspace!

  738. Peter Ungaro says:


  739. Chris Spurgeon says:

    Help! I’m a 3-D designer trapped in a 2-D world!

  740. Donald McKay says:

    would love to win this!

  741. Justin Miller says:

    Amazing give-away! What a great tool for sculpture class.

  742. Joshua Vance says:

    This would MAKE: me happy!

  743. Anonymous says:

    For Ryan

  744. Eric Haines says:

    I wants it, and in one of the alternate worlds I get it. I just hope it’s this one!

  745. Anonymous says:

    how I wish to win one of these

  746. Robert Rutledge says:

    Pick me, Please?

  747. Sean Malloy says:

    Pointy bird
    Oh pointy-pointy
    Anoint my head

  748. csmoreno says:

    well, here goes again.

  749. Mike Knudson says:

    Here we go again!

  750. Joe Conway says:

    second to last chance!  pick me

  751. Robert Grame says:

    Me too!

  752. Nickolaus DiBlasi says:

    I would love to get one of these. It would help design and test fitting parts be so much easier. 

  753. Ted Wong says:

    I win!

  754. johnev says:

    skynet wishes me to have it