Make: Believe Visits Images In Motion

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Make: Believe Visits Images In Motion

Kamela Portuges and Lee Armstrong have been making puppets and performing together for over 25 years. Armstrong, who’d gotten her big puppetry break on Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock, met talented sculptor Portuges at a puppet festival; the two soon combined their talents to create their Sonoma, Calif., studio, Images In Motion. Since then, they’ve been steadily producing TV shows, commercials, and live performances, as well as lending their expertise to major studios and toy companies. Perhaps most memorably, you may have seen their marionettes in the movie Being John Malkovich; director Spike Jonze sought Portugues specifically after seeing the line of celebrity toys she’d sculpted.

Watch Portuges and Armstrong’s puppets in motion, learn how they keep the ancient art of puppetry current with an infusion of 3D printing technology, then visit the Make: Believe page for effects tutorials and even more ways to blur the line between dreams and reality.

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And here’s a slideshow with some more of what we saw during our visits.

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Lee Armstrong and Kamela Porguges with a small selection of their puppet creations.
Lee Armstrong and Kamela Portuges with a small selection of their puppet creations.

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