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On a Roll: World’s First 3D Printed Skateboard

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On a Roll: World’s First 3D Printed Skateboard
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My first skateboard was a yellow fiberglass deck from skating pioneer Tunnel. Then I moved on to wood, but in between I rode the occasional plastic board. They weren’t made for ramps or street skating given their extra flex, but they were great cruising boards for rolling down the sidewalk or making a run to 7-11.

So I enjoyed seeing 3Ders’ post on Sam Abbot’s design for a 3D printed skateboard. It was printed with what looks likes SLS. Sam won a design competition hosted by CGTrader and 3D Print UK last month the design. His prize was a 3D printer and a print of his skateboard design. 3D Print UK calls it the world’s first 3D printed skateboard.


Given its size, the board had to be printed in three pieces and put together with dowels. I’m guessing the board has a lot of flex like my boards of old so it probably would’t work for airdrops and stair jumps, but it sure looks cool. I love the weird, bubble eye faces on the bottom of the deck, but they would make rail slides and any tricks using the bottom of the board a little bumpy. Best to use this board for Slurpee runs. I’d love one of these to get around Maker Faire New York before the gates open.

9 thoughts on “On a Roll: World’s First 3D Printed Skateboard

  1. The Butcher says:

    Reblogged this on pundit from another planet.

  2. jstults says:

    Wow, that is a really large print. Hurts to imagine how much it would cost to order from shapeways : – )

  3. krekr says:

    I think this skateboard is from 2011, but it was quite small…

  4. Stett Holbrook says:

    Yes, looks tiny. Maybe 3D Print UK should have said “first full-size skateboard.”

  5. shaun lamont says:

    thats half arsed…why print the board, and then have to drill out for mounting trucks…..completely misses the point of 3d printing

  6. Sunset Skateboards says:

    How strong is that thing? Can you do tricks or will it break?

  7. 3D Printing says:

    Nice share about this 3D printed skateboard. I wonder how much it cost now. The skateboard looks cool.

  8. Mojo says:

    This is what we called 3d printer application.

  9. 3D Quick Printing says:

    This is pretty good good. We think we can do better though at 3d printer

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