President Talks 3D Printing in State of the Union Address

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President Talks 3D Printing in State of the Union Address

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Present Obama mentioned 3D printing in the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, announcing the launch of three manufacturing hubs that will focus on additive manufacturing. He suggested that Congress creates “a network of 15 of these hubs” to ensure that the focus is on making America “a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing.” The creation of these hubs will surely bring new, high-tech job opportunities with them.

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The Department of Defense chipped in 30 million to get NAMII (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute) founded back in August of 2012. Located in Ohio, it is the first manufacturing hub of its kind and just recently stopped accepting proposals for their first round of projects. They anticipate making a final decision by March 1, so I’m looking forward to hearing what sort of projects they’ll be working on. Will they focus on printable food? Medical applications? Or perhaps they’ll improve on past research for printing circuits? Leave a comment below with your best guess.

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