Taulman3D Releases New, Super Strong Nylon Filament

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Taulman3D Releases New, Super Strong Nylon Filament


Tom Martz of Taulman3D joined the crowds at the Midwest RepRap Fest this past weekend in Goshen, Indiana. While there, Tom took to the stage to present his company’s brand new Alloy 910, a high-strength nylon filament. Alloy 910 came about after Taulman’s corporate clients asked for a stronger nylon formulation with less flexibility than many other nylons. Tom and his team managed to formulate a new filament that has a tensile strength of 8,100 PSI, and only 25% maximum elongation (compared to ABS 5,800 PSI and 30% elongation). The Taulman team also claims that 910 has a comparable shrinkage as PLA, making it a great material for printing large rugged prints.

Taulman3D has been releasing an ever-growing number of filaments over the past few years to fit specific needs of their customers. Stay tuned as Taulman3D prepares to release a new round of filaments, such as FDA approved Nylons and a new high-end PLA.


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