This Clever 3D Printing Method Looks Like String Art, But Cooler

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This Clever 3D Printing Method Looks Like String Art, But Cooler

We absolutely love seeing how people push the boundaries of 3Dprinting. This latest example mixes old fashioned string art (where you loop string around nails to form patterns and pictures) with extreme “bridging” with a 3D printer to achieve some pretty cool effects.

3D Print Bunny has been coming up with all kinds of clever items, and this is only the latest. It first caught my eye with the kind of traditional string art style one you see as the feature image at the top of this post, but she’s been showing off a few other clever ways of integrating this into a 3D print. For example, the Vader above is kind of hypnotizing.

Let’s explain a little bit of what is going on here. Bridging is when you 3D print across a big gap, leaving a section in mid-air. People have been coming up with creative uses for this for quite some time, like creating hair on the hairy lion. If you look at it, you can see how 3D Print Bunny could arrive at this idea, the bridges look very much like threads of string.

In the video below you can see how the printer does this. It’s pretty cool.

To see more of her incredible work, I highly recommend following her on Instagram. Of course you can also download her models to try 3D printing it yourself.

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