Users of 3D Printing Services: I Want to Hear From You

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Skulls at Shapeways
A batch o’ skulls printed at Shapeways, one of the leading 3D printing service providers.

3D printers can be a great tool, but you don’t need to own one to take advantage of the technology. There is a growing number of 3D printing service providers that will do the printing for you. Why people use these services reveals a number of different user groups.

That’s the premise of an article I’m working on for MAKE’s upcoming Guide to 3D Printing, the follow-up to last year’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. But I could use your help.

I want to talk to folks who use service providers simply because they don’t have a 3D printer of their own as well as those who primarily use 3D printing services because of the range or types of materials they offer.

Do you fit one of these groups and are you willing to share you story? Shoot me an email at sholbrook [at] makermedia [dot] com and let’s chat. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Users of 3D Printing Services: I Want to Hear From You

  1. magic model says:

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  2. 3D Filamenta Oklok says:

    Firstly to have a 3D printer does not mean u can print without some basic knowledge of converting from CAD to 3D printing file. Also the time to print is to long for normal users””!!!!! we ned improvement asap! , affordable printer filament!

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